Saturday, June 8, 2013

Gearing Up for Summer 2013...

Another writing week has passed and things are still progressing in Book 2/FP...

This week saw two chapters completed and a third started. I'm really moving along now that I know exactly where I'm going with this manuscript, and the only trouble I seem to have is where to slap in the over 18 stuff.

Yeah, I said that. Things happen so fast in this manuscript compared to NR/Book 1 that I really have to try to keep pace and figure out the best spots for the steamy stuff to keep my future audience happy!

Other than that, it's going great. The rough drafts of several key scenes have been added and although I still have a lot of revisions to do on different things and add in another scene into Chapter 18 (I forgot a VERY big key scene - OOPS!) it's looking great for a rough draft even in my ultra insanely high standards! 

Yesterday saw me hit the middle of Chapter 21 in the main manuscript. In this Chapter you will see some silliness thanks to some "old friends" and other things. The Leading Lady is about to get someone in her family back for a prank and that is going to be a VERY fun scene to write... Yeah, I've been tossing in a lot of silly and sweet moments into the first part of this one because it will get very serious and in some parts, rather scary, so I need to balance things out. Let's just say the leading characters from this one and the "old friends" are not afraid to have fun or be goofy... *wink!*

I've also started to slowly lead into the gem of an idea that Sandra, my beloved mentor, shot at me back in March and the first of the "hints" for that has been dropped in. More will come later on, including a couple of big scenes, but for the moment, it's only hints of what's to come and I'll be dropping more and more as things progress.

As for the over 18 stuff, it's been quite a "workout" and yeah, there IS a lot more of it in this book. That's all I'm saying because right now, this blog is classed as "PG13" and I don't want to land myself into hot water with any parents out there!

Remember the revisions I mentioned in my last entry? Well, those have been done already. It was just a matter of adding a couple of sentences here and there and a few paragraphs to one chapter. Things will be revised and polished over time, so there may be more added as things progress. Thankfully I could do it when my son was around even if I had to stop every few minutes because he kept pressing his nose against the monitor screen. *rolling eyes*

In other news we are getting the remnants of TS Andrea this weekend... Everyone being affected by it, STAY SAFE! Sometimes tropical storms or their remnants can be more damaging than hurricanes so we're prepared for the worst here. I prefer to be prepared for an H5 just to be on the safe side, but that's me. I'm weird. LOL

Have a great weekend everyone!

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