Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Zoom? *blink!*

Another writing day has come and gone and when I look at all I accomplished yesterday, I'm blinking.
"Zoom" isn't the word for it... I kinda zipped through adding a chapter's worth of stuff yesterday, plus a little more! I got the end of Chapter 13 finished and then managed to get the entirety of Chapter 14 added! 
The sweet/moving scene was finished and some necessary humor was added to lighten things up for the main characters and the reader, then things went back to the serious side for a while. The leading characters are finding out a lot more about certain things but at the same time, more questions are arising that they feel have to be answered, and not just for them. The over 18 stuff is starting to show up more and I'm hoping to get more into that either later this week or sometime next week if I can do it.
So far, the main manuscript's grand total for word count is over 68,000 words and it's not even halfway finished yet! *THUD!* Yeah, this story is turning into another EPIC like Book 1/NR did! NR took place over more than a decade from the first chapter to the final one/epilogue so I could see that one being so long, but this one has a timeline which covers about six months in the main body of the story... However, a LOT happens in those few months and there are not gaps of a month or even years between key spots, etc. I'm doing my best to cover all of them without going crazy but at the same time, without leaving anything out too. There is another 25,000 words to add, which is the build up to the grande finale, and that will be spliced in when I get to that part of the main manuscript.
Yes, another epic. Good grief. 
The ideas file has a lot more marked off as "done" but it's also getting longer as more and more ideas are hitting me, same with the "over 18 ideas" file. My main problem nowadays is that the ideas always seem to hit me when I'm either not at the computer or the guys are around so no writing for me! *SIGH*
I hope all of you have a great Wednesday and if you're a CSI fan like I am, y'all enjoy the season 13 finale... Ozzy is supposed to be guest starring on it so I KNOW it's going to be good! WOOT!   

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