Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Late Nights Have Started...

...And it's not even summer vacation yet!

Friday was a great day for writing for me. I got over a chapter's worth of stuff added to FP/Book 2 and things are really starting to move quickly between the main characters. The over 18 stuff isn't that far off and although they ARE fighting their feelings for each other, they're starting to see it's a battle they won't win.

Another heart touching scene was added, along with some more humor and other things.

That said, when I did the initial reread/edit over the weekend, I realized I had left out something very important, something that HAS to be added in to make something else more logical. I'll be getting that written up and added sometime soon, as soon as it gels more in the brain. I was kind of rushing again because Friday's writing time was a shorter one, due to my husband having the shorter day shift that day. He has a shorter one coming up tomorrow but on Friday, I'll be making up for it. Son has an after school activity time and Hubby works the longer day shift, so I will have PLENTY of extra time to work that day. I imagine by the time Friday evening rolls around, I'll be so darn spaced out, I'll be somewhere around Jupiter or maybe even Uranus... hehehehehe!

This past weekend was the start of the summer season here in Nova Scotia and to get it going, I had my first late night writing session this past Sunday night. Hubby wasn't working on Sunday or Monday morning so I stayed up late to write.

What was written up wasn't part of the main manuscript, it's a scene that shows how far the leading lady has come with certain things and how she is coming to terms with some upheaval in her life. It's another more serious scene but it's a powerful one at the same time. It's very rough and I have to write up the lead in to it but so far so good and it's not one I'll be tossing into the scrap heap. I think it's the best stuff I've written during a late night session ever and I'm glad it's "rough draft" worthy. 

I've chucked out so much stuff that was written during those late night sessions that I was worried about this one being "not good enough", but for once I surprised myself and this one will be used in the main manuscript, with some tweaking and a lot of polishing of course.

My beloved mentor has seen it already in its rough draft, and she said it was "solid". That is a HUGE compliment in my mind and I'm so tickled she thought so. Thank you Sandra! 

I already know exactly how I'm going to lead into this part, and will be writing that up very soon, hopefully this week, either tomorrow or Friday. It isn't the first time I wrote up a scene and spliced it in (after tweaking) after all and I'll probably continue to write like that as long as I'm able to come up with new ideas for original stories. 

I'll be back with another update when things progress. 

I hope my fellow Canadians had a wonderful long Victoria Day weekend. It was cool and rainy here all weekend but it was quiet at my little house, which is the way I like it!

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