Thursday, May 9, 2013

Revisiting and Other Things...

I don't like revisiting certain things but sometimes it's necessary, as a reminder of how far I've come with different things or how little has changed...
As a lot of my regular readers know, I have several "dead" manuscripts that I had started in the past and will probably never be finished, due to me losing the story or everything in it wasn't logical, etc. I keep those manuscripts/ideas in a special folder for my own records, and just in case I had a good idea for them that I may use in another manuscript in the future.
Well, yesterday I was working on FP/Untitled 8 and I thought I may be able to use an idea from what was "Untitled 6". I looked at the original file and thought it would work, so I did a copy/paste into a new document and started reworking it for the current manuscript. I continued on in Chapter 13 after that and didn't think much of it.
Sometimes doing something like that can bite you in the behind. I had mentioned to my mentor via PM exactly what I had used for that spot and after thinking it over, I realized it was a little too "graphic" for my books... And probably for the audience I'm hoping to have for my work. I tend to keep things somewhat toned down in the amount of "over 18" stuff I have in my stories and although I am pretty descriptive in the erotic scenes, even this particular area was a little too much for my story.
I wound up doing a rewrite on the scene in between things, to make it less so.
I let it sit for a few minutes between things in real life and reread it.
It was worse than before, way too graphic for my books and hopefully future reading audience. *SIGH*
Another rework, and it still wasn't great, so I decided to scrap the entire idea and go with something a LOT more toned down. 
It's better now, and I learned yet another lesson about my writing... Be careful of how graphic you want to get.
I thought I had learned it with that one scene I had written up for Untitled 6... The one that I was hoping to push the envelope with but wound up going into the realm of "NOT FIT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION".
Yeah, that's the scene I was going to tweak and use for the new story... BIG MISTAKE! It didn't work whatsoever, and although the over 18 stuff in this book will be a little more "in your face" than the stuff in its predecessor (NR/Book 1), I didn't want to make it THAT bad.
Lesson learned--AGAIN... And I'm left wondering "WHAT THE DICKENS WAS I THINKING????"

It's the way I want it for a first draft now. It's a darn good thing I am NOT on a deadline for this one because with all of the rewrites, revisions, 86ing, etc, it's going to be a while before it hits Draft 2 stage, let alone ready to be sent out to any publishers
I'm also working on some things that will be inserted into the main manuscript file now and then, when the time is right. I'm not saying what it is, but it is VERY relevant to the story itself and how a character finds out a lot of things about herself and the past. I got the idea for it the other night and I started working on it yesterday. It's slow work and not the easiest to write so I'm bouncing between that file, the main manuscript file and the build up to the grand finale file to keep myself from burning out. I have the first part of it written already so that will be ready when the main file is, which will be sometime soon.
This past Sunday (May 5th) my beloved Mentor, Sandra Durham, released the much anticipated third book in her Keyholder's Castle Series, "Destinies"!
I did purchase a copy of it and it's on my Kindle Cloud, along with a prescreening copy on my desktop. If anyone wishes to purchase Destinies, please click HERE!
Have a wonderful day everyone!   

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