Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Progress at the Speed of Light...

Three more writing days have passed and I'm amazed at the progress I've made over the last while.

Wednesday didn't go quite as planned writing wise, but I did get a few things added to the main manuscript file. Friday was a different story, I managed to get over a chapter written up and by the time the guys arrived home, I was so stunned that you could have knocked me over with a feather and I was walking into walls. Figuratively, of course.

Yesterday saw a HUGE event... The first splice that was more than a page long! It was the part that I had written over the Victoria Day weekend... Now it has been tweaked/edited a LOT and I did have a couple of problems figuring out exactly HOW to lead into it - I did know exactly how the "cat is let out of the bag" so to speak, but how to get there was a mystery until I worked things out yesterday. I am now at the start of Chapter 19 and hope to get at least half of it done before the weekend, IF I can do it.

As always, things are still in rough draft at the moment even with some detailed editing/tweaking but it's pretty close to what I like to see in a first draft. What's there is pretty powerful by times and some of it may make the reader cry or smile--or both!--and if I can do that much, my work as an author is done.

The over 18 scenes have started and although there are a few "detailed" ones, there are several "fade outs"... I give the impression "something in the over 18 realm" went on but let the reader's imagination take over. Sometimes doing that is the best way to go, especially if it's a longer story like the ones I wind up writing. As it is, FP/Book 2/Untitled 8 is on the way to being just as long, if not longer than its predecessor, NR/Book 1/formerly Untitled 7... And since we all know that one is well over 200,000 words, we all know I'm writing yet another EPIC!

Oddly enough, yesterday was the 16th anniversary of my father's passing... Daddy passed away on May 28, 1997 and I was thinking about him all day... How ironic that the story I'm now working on may be in the "romance" genre, but it's not all focused on the love story... It's also about FAMILY and what it means... Odder yet is how the scene I spliced in yesterday focuses on a father-daughter bond and what it means.

I keep wondering if Universe worked things out like that, or I did it unconsciously.

I don't know, but either way, I could almost sense my dad nearby as I was working, and by times I swear I could hear his voice in my ear, telling me that I can do this... Again. 

My father won't be around to see my first book published... But I know that wherever he is, he is proud of me, and all of his children and grandchildren (three granddaughters and two grandsons), and will be patting me on the back when my books are published, even if I don't hear it directly from him. My mother is still around--thank the stars!--and she WILL see her oldest daughter become a published author, hopefully very soon.

Miss you Daddy.... xoxox

In other news, today is my son's 9th birthday! I can't believe he's nine years old already... It seems like only yesterday I was holding him in the Special Care Nursery (NICU) at the IWK Grace or staring at him through the clear walls of his incubator. He was born three weeks early and so tiny, but healthy. He came home at the age of 12 days old and was caught up weight and height wise by the time he was three years old... He's now about average height, above average weight, built like a brick wall, and one heck of an intelligent child. He's one of the top math students in his school, and recently placed second in Mental Math at a local Knowledge Festival. Keep in mind he has Autism and we've worked so hard to get him where he is today... It's not always sunshine and roses being a mother to a special needs kid, but at the end of the day, it's more than worth it to see him growing and learning about the world around him and the wonder in his big brown eyes.

Happy Birthday, J... From all of us!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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