Friday, April 26, 2013

Springing Into Spring...

Once again, I can't believe this is happening to me...
All winter I struggle to get things really rolling with a manuscript and like NR, this one is really starting to suck me in...
And just like NR, I find myself being sucked in only a few weeks before summer vacation starts.
Never fails. *SIGH*
The bright side of this is that I still have about 7 weeks left to go before I lose full writing days and I'm going to shove as much writing into those days as I can! 
I had only one writing day this week. Normally Fridays are writing days too but today is an inservice for the schools in our district. That's okay because I think I may have overdone it again with my last writing day... I managed to get an ENTIRE chapter added in ONE day and since that hasn't really happened since I started writing FP (NR's sequel), that's GOOD. By the time my son got home, I wasn't quite finished so I quickly wrapped up Chapter 8 while he watched TV. Thank the stars I had only a few paragraphs to go before I could finish that chapter! 
I am slowly starting to get things moving between the main characters. How, I'm not saying publicly, only my mentor knows exactly how things are going to play out, and there are several bonding moments between the leading lady and others in the story, some sweet, others are more humorous, and in time, more serious.
I'm also slowly working toward the gem of the idea my mentor shot at me a while ago... Something that "ran naked through her head" and wound up being exactly what I needed for this story! Y'all know an idea is GOLD when you can actually "see" the events unfolding in your mind, after reading only ONE small sentence! 
Correction, make that PLATINUM... 
Anyway, things are slowly leading into this and I'm hoping to show more of the leading lady's personality, etc. in the next few chapters so certain things do NOT come as a complete surprise to the reader... But at the same time, I do NOT want to give away exactly what's ahead for the main characters. It's a really fine line to walk sometimes and once in a while, I have to go back, read everything and make sure I'm not giving too much away and am only dropping hints here and there.
Today is another editing and jotting down ideas day since my son isn't in school. With the eyes acting weird (I need new glasses), maybe it's not a bad thing and it may even help recharge the batteries for my next few writing days next week.
Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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