Saturday, April 6, 2013

Filling in More Gaps...

Two more writing days have passed and things are progressing nicely in that gem that my beloved mentor suggested to me a few weeks ago.
I did a word count on JUST that area and it's up over 20,000 words so far... Now for something to come THAT far in only a MONTH is only saying what an awesome idea it was! And I'm not writing every single day... 
Imagine if I was able to... I'd probably have this section finished and ready to be spliced in, and I'd probably be a LOT farther along in the main manuscript file, and probably other files I'm going to splice in as well. Heck if I was able to write on a daily basis, I'd have this manuscript finished before the end of THIS year instead of the end of next year, which is my mental deadline. I'm keeping it real and giving myself PLENTY of time to get this one's first draft finished due to time restraints, and other factors.
I'm not sure exactly how many pages were finished yesterday because I was filling in gaps and adding a little bit to different spots, while taking out some irrelevant stuff. It's close to 4,000 words, I know that much, because I managed to get TWO entire scenes written up yesterday, plus fill in the remainder of another scene and get some more stuff added to yet another one. 
I'm not sure how many chapters this area will cover, but I'm thinking at least 3 or four. Yeah, there is a LOT happening at once over a 48 to 96 hour period during the story, and if I don't put in details here and there about different things, some of the action will be missed
It's still pretty intense so of course, it's hard work. Stuff like the characters acting silly, etc is rather easy to do for me because it doesn't require a lot of mental effort, but something like the part I'm working on right now IS quite hard to write up... For me at least. I don't know if it's the fact that I'm a perfectionist even in a first draft or the fact that I know a lot of the characters so well that having them go through something so heartbreaking and scary breaks my heart... But this is necessary for the story to work the way I want it to go.
Thankfully, my beloved mentor has been keeping me on track with things and thanks to her, I'm getting more and more ideas as time goes on, and not just for "this" particular part of the manuscript. All I have to do is mention a small idea to her and just talking to her about it expands it into something a thousand times better, whether she gives me another idea or not!
I have a weird feeling that FP is going to turn out just as long as its predecessor, NR, or almost as long at this rate... Think about it... The part I'm working on NOW is over 20 thousand words at this point, the main manuscript is only in Chapter 5 and getting close to that number, and I have a LOT to fill in between where I am in the main manuscript file and the area I'm working on now, which is the build up to the finale... I still have to write the epilogue (I'm going to wrap things up VERY nice and tightly so I can't write more sequels!) and other things... 
I'm feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment when I look at things and realize just how much I have left to do on this story, but then I take a look at NR, and remember that I HAVE done it once, so yeah, I CAN do it again...
Even if it's the last thing I ever do! LOL
Have a great weekend everyone!

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