Friday, March 29, 2013

Highs and Lows...

It's been another one of those weeks... I keep feeling like everything is coming at me at once and the to do list keeps getting longer and longer!
It always seems that the best ideas hit me when the guys are around or I finally get a picture of a scene in my head when I'm unable to concentrate enough to write...
Hubby, bless him, did something for me this week. Not once, but twice. He left Wednesday to run errands and stayed away from the house for a few hours so I could get a little writing out of the way... Yesterday, he did the same thing and I'm so glad he did.
I managed to get more added to that GEM of an idea tossed at me by my beloved mentor, Sandra (Durham, author of the Keyholder's Castle Series) and it's slowly coming together, bit by bit. Some of the parts are VERY hard to write... Not because dialogue is my Achilles' Heel (or is that "hell"??) when it comes to writing, but because of the content. The scenes that are in this part are pretty intense, and sometimes heartbreaking, so it is taking a lot out of me emotionally by times to get it all down.
I was in the middle of one of the more intense and emotionally rough scenes when Hubby got home yesterday and was hoping to finish it but I wasn't able to between Son getting home from school and the noise that the guys can make some days... And yesterday was one of those days when they were in the mood to make a LOT of noise and move around the house (read: by the computer area!) so there went me getting the rest of the scene finished. 
I was going to wrap it up last night after they crashed but the brain was mush and I knew if I tried to work on things at that time of the night, I would mess up and wind up doing a rewrite on the latter part of that scene. *SIGH*
This coming week, I'm hoping to get two days in so hopefully I can get that scene wrapped up, get on to the next one and possibly even get up to the 2/3 or 3/4 of the way finished writing up this area. I'm getting closer and closer to finishing it, and would like to get it DONE so it's not bugging me while I'm trying to work on the main manuscript file itself.
Yes, the part I'm working on happens pretty late in the story and once it's done and polished up a bit, it will be set aside to perk while I work on the main manuscript and other spots that will be spliced in at a later date. I am getting ideas for other parts but they are not bugging me as much as this one is so they're on the back burner until things are wrapped up with this part.
I also had to do some research because I kept getting things to do with "something" messed up... Thankfully I found exactly what I was looking for online and with a couple of modifications, it works perfectly. I also had to make a couple of necessary changes in NR to line up with it, but it wasn't much, just changing a word or two here and there. 
On that note, things are either high or low with working on this one at the moment... It's either a really good day or a really bad day for it, hence the title of this entry.
Maybe with a little luck, I'll have this story done by my deadline of the end of next year? I'd like to think so! LOL

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