Friday, March 8, 2013


Another writing day is done and I'm exhausted mentally...
It's like a light switch suddenly turned on this week... I've been making progress in Untitled 8 and it's better than I had dreamed!
I wrapped up NR's final edit and moved it into "FINAL DRAFT MODE" as of Wednesday afternoon and am now getting the packages together to send out to publishers.
That's all I'm saying about NR from now on unless it's in passing.
Anyway, like I was saying, it's like a light switch was suddenly turned on after I finished NR's final edit. I started looking at what I had so far for Untitled 8, its sequel, and BOOM, a few things started hitting me.
I had a couple of good ideas and bounced them off of my beloved Mentor... Then she and I started brainstorming ideas for my new manuscript. Since she has read NR, she knows some of the characters almost as well as I do and one thing led to another and the next thing I knew, I had fifteen NEW ideas added to the Ideas file, just in two days! 
Well, this morning when I got online, there was a PM waiting for me in Sanctuary and Mentor dropped another idea on my head...
I thought about it for a few minutes and could actually "see and hear" a good part of it! When that happens, it's GOLD so I started jotting down ideas for the scene, one by one and BOOM, things were hitting me faster than I could write them down! I did a little tweaking with her original idea and it is going to be in the story!
It happens closer to the end of the book, which is quite a ways ahead of where I am in the main manuscript file so I started a new file and got down to work the instant my husband left for his job.
Six hours and eight pages later, I have the bulk of the scene I had pictured in my head this morning written up... Now there are some gaps where I have to fill in a few things (not saying what!) but almost everything I saw in my head is down in Word and although it's very rough, it looks good so far.
My eyes are killing me but I want to keep going...
I'm taking a break now, while the guys are up. They're making a lot of noise and each time I hear Son screech it breaks the concentration. I may try working on it later, after they go to bed. I still have a few pictures in my mind and I can still hear some of the dialogue.
I'm tickled with what I wrote today... Not just the amount of pages, but how well it turned out even in the roughest draft. It's close to my insanely high standards for a first draft so that's good in my mind!
I won't have much time to write until after the 18th... Next week is March break and that means NO full days alone... Not happy but with a little luck, maybe I'll get a couple of pages done here and there... I hope so at least!
By the way my mentor released Book 2 in the Keyholder's Castle series on March 4, 2013, this past Monday... It's on Amazon and you can get "Damnation and Trial" HERE! I haven't had the chance to read it yet because I've been buried in my own work... Maybe over March break! 
Have a great weekend everyone! 

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