Monday, January 28, 2013

Fits and Starts....

Two more writing days have passed and although it's going by fits and starts, the first two chapters of Untitled 8 are starting to come together. Brainstorming is a HUGE help by the way, especially if you're doing it with someone who is almost as familiar with some of the characters as you are. 
Thanks to my mentor, the idea for a flashback was put in the brain and that was written up on Wednesday, along with a couple of other ideas. Things went slowly but I deliberately took my time to get things just right. 
The prologue is done. Since that part was only changing things from one character's POV to another and adding in a little extra here and there, it went quite easily and somewhat quickly. 
Friday was spent adding in a few more things that I won't say publicly, I don't want to give EVERYTHING away after all! LOL That part wasn't as easy as the first one, and it's extremely rough but with some tweaking, I hope it'll be up to my insanely high standards! Thanks to my mentor, I had a few more ideas and some she doesn't know about yet... But she WILL find out when she reads the story... IF I ever finish it and get it close to what I consider "worthy for someone else's eyes".
I'm now about halfway through what is now Chapter 2 and I'm debating on how to proceed into the next scene. I did wrap up the first one in C2 early on Friday but it was close to bus time and as y'all know, I really can't write when my son is home and didn't want to be in the middle of something, have to leave it to get him from the bus stop, and then fight to concentrate while he's shoving stuff in my face and asking me for help with stuff constantly. I do have an idea for it but it's not fully gelled yet, nor do I have a firm idea on which way to go with it.
NR itself is still perking although I DO admit to opening it for reference purposes here and there, Untitled 8 is the "sequel" to it after all, and yeah, sometimes I do catch a typo or something wonky in the phrasing, etc. I'm going to let it perk for a couple of more weeks unless something changes.
We're supposed to get warmer weather later this week and if we get one good day, I may drive to a local site for a photography shoot, stuff of my own design, etc. Since a lot of NR and any other story I will write in the future is mostly set in Nova Scotia (my home!), I want more pictures of the local area to show off on my author's page, in my Facebook profiles, and any forums that will allow me to have pictures, etc. Thank the stars I have a new camera, even if it is just a point and shoot style! LOL It doesn't have a black and white feature (I want a few in black and white) but I think I can make a few tweaks in that respect by using GIMP or Photo Editor. I'll play around with some of the pics I already have and see what happens, I guess.
I'll update everyone when/if I get more done on the writing or even with the photography. Like I said, I suck at photography but I do love it and MAY improve over time. 
Have a great week everyone!   

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