Thursday, December 20, 2012

Trying NOT to Hyperventilate....

Holy crap...
The last few weeks have been crazy here for me, writing/editing wise.
I've been going nuts trying to get NR's second draft finished so I can get the darn manuscript into Draft 3 mode and finally get it fully "polished" for sending out to publishers and agents. I've added a couple of paragraphs here and there, removed a few things that dragged the story down, changed a bit of the wording, etc and fixed anything that needed to be repaired.
The biggest news of all is that my beloved mentor is now reading NR and will be the FIRST person to see the story in its completion other than myself... She has the first 40 chapters of it on her computer now and will be receiving the last seven after I give them one more look over, to read and enjoy. 
She has been picking up the occasional typo but so far, everything else is looking good and she is enjoying it... So much that she was cramming in reading time between her holiday baking and she was anxious to see what happened next!
This made my holiday season... To know someone is enjoying my work and wanting to see how it ends makes my writer's heart sing with joy! I can't describe how high I was flying after seeing her praise and the fact that yes, the story has moved her emotionally so far... It's something one can't express in words. I'm still tingling from the praise and probably will be long after she's finished reading the rest of it! LOL
When she's finished reading the rest of the story, NR will finally be sent into its FINAL draft mode before I send it out to a publisher and/or agents. It will be set with double spacing, the rest of the formatting will be finished and it will perk for a few days or weeks while I sit back, think about a synopsis and cover letter to send out with it, and try to decide who (publishers or agents wise) get to look at NR first.
I have NEVER been this close to having ANYTHING published in my adult years. Yes, I had one small limerick published in a local paper when I was in elementary school but that was over 20 years ago and people have forgotten it... Probably within a week of the poem being published. LOL I'm kinda jumpy right now, but that could be due to what may happen tomorrow on the solstice, but maybe not. 
I never thought I would make it this far... When I got the idea for NR, I thought it may wind up on the hard drive only partially completed and gathering dust like Untitled #6 has, or in my "dead manuscripts" file like Untitled #5 has (along with a number of others without designations)... Now here I am, with NR's story COMPLETELY written up and longer than I dreamed it would be, more complex that I thought it would be, and just about ready to send out to various publishers, etc! *FAINTS* I look at the file on the hard drive and think, "Wow, did I actually WRITE THAT?"... 
Yes, I have, shocking as it is to me! LOL
I'm trying not to hyperventilate--yet-- because it's not out to the masses yet... I know Penth (my beloved mentor) will tell me to CALM DOWN if I started panicking NOW, and wait until it's been sent out and I'm in the "waiting period" for publishers and agents to look it over to decide whether or not it's right for them to represent or publish.
I do have a few spots in mind for publishers, but most of them would want me to make NR a duology, meaning two books--NR's Part Two would become Part One's sequel-- and I'm not sure if I want to do that or not. But, if that's the way a publisher would like it, I will do it to get NR out there and will "Sell" it as a duology. 
Well, make that a "Trilogy", if one includes Untitled #8, which is the "continuation" of NR, SORT OF... *winks* I'm not sure if that story will ever be written, but I'm darn well going to try... Who knows, maybe I'll have enough fans to ask for more of the families featured in NR? I'd like to think so, especially if Untitled #8 goes the way of NR (formerly Untitled #7!). And if Untitled #8 gets to be as long as NR did, I'm in DEEP TROUBLE... LOL
I will be silent about NR except with certain people once the story goes out to publishers and agents. It's no one's business but mine and certain friends and one or two family members how many rejections I get. However, when/if I get a contract offer from a publisher, I won't be able to keep the big yap shut and I'll be screaming it all over the internet... LOL
I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season... Blessed Yule to all of my Pagan friends and Merry Christmas to all of my Christian buddies and family... Happy Holidays, everyone! 

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