Sunday, November 18, 2012

Shifting Gears, Part 6: Additions, 86'ing and The Full Edit Has Begun

I am slowly working toward finishing Draft 2 of NR...
As stated in my blog on Wednesday, November 14, 2012, I opened NR and decided it was time to get moving on the Draft 2 edit of Part One because it had been "perking" for a couple of months.
As of Wednesday's blog, I was only up to Chapter 4 on it. Well, in the days since then, I managed to finish cleaning up Part One's verb tense and got into Part Two's edit. Friday, I was home alone all day and both Untitled 8 and RH were not working for me so I dove back into Draft 2 of NR. 
To say I was catching mixed up verb tense is an understatement. Now that my mentor kindly pointed out to me that the verb tense was off, I could catch things very easily and getting things lined up correctly was very easily. Some sentences had to be completely redone but that's okay, things are looking a lot better now in that department!
I was also looking at Chapter 17 and thought that even though I wanted to leave the chapter as is because it's such a big/key event, it needed a little more added to it. Something was missing from it and when I finally figured out WHAT it needed, I added it in, despite being distracted by both guys and that silly cat of ours. It is much more rounded out now and the reader isn't left hanging about how something managed to happen. It looks a lot better now.
Something else happened this week too... I started sending NR, chapter by chapter, to my mentor. She's not editing it per se, but has been pointing out different things like typos, etc, if she happens to see them, and I REALLY appreciate it! She seems to be enjoying it so far and is looking forward to reading the rest of it when she gets around to it. She has the first 21 chapters as of this moment, which is all of Part One, and when she and Part Two are ready, she will be getting the rest of it. I just hope she enjoys the rest of it as much as she's enjoying what she has read so far! The amount of twists and turns in this story surprised even me, so it's going to be a roller coaster ride for the reader... I HOPE! LOL
As far as the editing goes, I did read the entire manuscript... And managed to get the verb tense cleaned up as well, what I could see when the eyes started going wonky on me that is! On Friday, I stayed up late and by the time I saw "THE END" on the last page of the manuscript, things were so mixed up with my eyesight, I wasn't able to pick anything out at all.
I also made the necessary changes that were out of date for certain things in Part Two, where I could see them that is. I have to go back over Part Two again to see if I missed anything, again, because I'm pushing myself to get Draft 2 finished and get on to Draft 3. *SIGH* 
Yesterday, I tried working on it again and within an hour, my stupid eyesight went wonky on me, so I probably missed a LOT of mistakes here and there. I did catch a few things I missed on Friday evening but I'm betting I missed more than I found.
I don't know why but I suddenly have a sense of urgency to get this story out to publishers... It's weird and I can't explain it. Maybe seeing my mentor finally publish her first book lit a fire under my tush or something? It's really hard to say. I don't know... Maybe my brain just wants to get it done so I can move on to other stories... Like RH's rewrite or Untitled 8... Or something else.
Whatever. As long as I know that NR isn't the ONLY book I'll write, I'll be happy. I want to be more than just a "one book author", I'd like to be able to finish at least two full length books in this lifetime! LOL I'm hoping Untitled 8 or RH will turn out to be the second book... Even though RH is a little too "raw" or "harsh" for a lot of publishers. Like I said before, I may take the self publishing route for that one if I have to, and it's looking like that's how I'm going to go with it, I guess!
Anyway, have a great Sunday everyone! We're enjoying hearing the NSDOT work on repaving our road... Yeah, they're way behind in getting it done so they're working on it even on a Sunday. Poor buggers... Although it's nice to see a smooth gravel road out there instead of smashed up pavement and potholes bigger than our car!

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