Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Shifting Gears, Part 5: No Longer a Squirrel on Speed...

For the last three weeks, I've felt like a squirrel on speed. Literally.
It's been three weeks and one day, a total of 23 days since I closed NR and started to let it perk/sit, so it would fade from my mind a little bit and I could pick out grammatical and other errors so much easier.
I was literally going out of my freaking mind. I was so used to working on the story and being "inside" the characters' heads that the instant I closed NR to let it perk, I didn't know what to do with myself... I wound up making three dreamcatchers, bouncing around my main spots and drove everyone else nuts, watched a LOT more television than I had in the last two months and tried NOT to rip my waist length hair out at the roots!
The RH rewrite/overhaul hasn't been going great. I'm having a lot of problems getting into the main characters' heads and into the story itself. Since NR is a much slower paced story, getting into one that is so fast paced wasn't easy and although sometimes a lot of dialogue is good, others, not so much. 
As I posted on my author's page in FB (linkie is on the left!), a week or so ago, I figured out part of the reason why RH wasn't working right for me at this point in time...
You see, another story had been in the works in the back of my mind and my stupid brain didn't catch it until about a week or so ago. 
Yes, Untitled 8 is now in the works. I know, it's crazy of me to start a new one while NR is still a little fresh in my mind, but there is a reason why this story idea came to me... My mentor had suggested that I write a story for each of the two characters I had mentioned in previous blogs and well... It seems NR may be Book 1 of a series or a duology, IF I can do this!
I'm not saying which character's story will be told or exactly who they are in relation to NR but they ARE in that story but one doesn't know them very well at all and will only get to know them IF I can get their story written. 
Untitled 8 is still in the VERY early planning stages... Yes, I do have one full and one partial chapter written up for it and I have a few ideas written down for it as well, but I'm not sure exactly where it will go or anything else at this stage of the game. I don't even know the main characters' full personalities yet and that's half the battle sometimes... I'm not sure how they're going to react to certain situations, etc, and will have to figure that out as I go.
The odd thing is, I had gotten the idea for the new story while NR was perking, and had to open NR to its last chapter to get a quick bit of information for Untitled 8... NOT GOOD, but I did manage to keep myself from diving back into it!
The even odder thing is that while I was researching things for Untitled 8 (my printer is my new best friend!), I found a few things that were related to NR that were out of date... So I got those printed out and will be changing things in NR as I edit and proof it over the next few weeks.
I've now started the process of editing/proofing/formatting NR's Part One as of last night. It's perked long enough, I finished Part One quite a while ago, back in September to be exact, and it's time to get on the ball with it. Part Two is still "soaking" and will continue to do so while I'm busy cleaning up Part One. Two months isn't so bad to let something like this soak, even for someone who is as impatient as I am! LOL 
At the moment the first four chapters are cleaned up a little bit, notably the verb tense in those chapters. It was horrendous to say the least and now that my mentor kindly pointed out to me that the verb tense was off when I sent her the VERY rough draft of Chapter 36's "over 18 scene", I'm able to see it and catch a LOT of it much easier than I had been before. I've also made a few changes to certain things to make it more logical and flow much easier. 
It's slow going and I know I'm going to have to go back again in time to make sure everything is "just so", but that's okay... My next goal is to have things ready to start sending things out to publishers by next summer, and if I can't do that, by the start of January 2014 at the latest. I'm giving myself LOTS of time to get NR perfectly edited, etc, because I'll be working on it between writing, IF I can write anything else that is.
Maybe working on NR will help me with getting Untitled 8 going more? We'll see. Untitled 8 is only an idea after all and if it doesn't work out, it's okay. I wrote ONE full length novel and it WILL be published, somehow, sometime and that's all that matters in my mind!
Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone... And for my fellow CSI fans, don't forget there is a NEW episode on this evening!     

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