Sunday, November 4, 2012

Shifting Gears, Part 4: Feeling Like a Turtle!

Because RH's rewrite isn't progressing as quickly as I would like it to be, that's why!
I know, I should be more patient with it and myself, but after the way I basically ZOOMED through the latter parts of NR, I feel like I should be moving faster
I keep reminding myself that "slow and steady wins the race", especially in the earlier parts of writing a story until one really gets into the groove of it, but there are some days that I get really frustrated and want to just give up working on RH's overhaul for good. I know, I should NOT feel that way but I do sometimes and I'm sure there are plenty of other creative people out there who have felt like that at times in regards to their own work too.
Anyway, with the rant out of the way, things are progressing in RH's overhaul, even if it is very slow going. 
Friday saw more added to Chapter 2... Over 10 pages worth but there was a LOT of dialogue in it, so although it may seem like a lot, it was only 4,000 words or so. 
I also found that if I just WRITE instead of think most of the time, things DO flow a lot more smoothly and easier, which is what I was doing Friday during my last writing day. I kept things within certain "parameters" and voila, things went okay, once I got into the groove of writing that is! 
Remember how I said in a previous blog entry that RH's overhaul/rewrite is turning out to be a MUCH different story than the original? It is, and I'm thinking about treating it as a brand new story because of that. Yeah, there will be a few key things that are the same, such as the reasons WHY the main characters meet, some of their past, etc but other than that, it's completely different. Some parts from the original *may* be included in the rewrite, like one or two of the "over 18" scenes but not a lot. 
The timeline changed too... I'm stretching things out a little more. In the original story, most of the actual story happens within three months, or less. Seriously. This version of it sees most of the action happening within five instead. It's still pretty fast paced BUT more logical. I found in the original things moved so quickly between the main characters that even MY head was spinning and when I reread what I have for RH Version 1 on this computer, I shake my head. Of course, that was a learning experience for me if one thinks about it. It was my first attempt to write a full length novel and it wound up not only becoming a short story/novella, but taught me that having a number of details, etc are key, but one has to find the balance between them too! Just like the original draft of NR... What I have as "Draft 1" for that story NOW has a LOT more detail in it than it's original. The original three chapters of that moved VERY quickly and the first kiss happened only after a couple of weeks. NOT LOGICAL considering the leading lady's personality in NR!!! So the original three chapters were scrapped and redone back in March and the story as it stands now is better, more logical and believable. 
That's what I'm trying to do with RH... Make it more logical, believable and less confusing to the reader... And me of course! LOL So that's why the timeline is stretched out more in this version of it.
I'm still in Chapter 2 but keep in mind that a LOT happens in this story in a very short amount of time and the chapters will be longer than they were in the latter half of NR. Things will still be confusing by times but I'm hoping to wrap everything up nice and neatly before the epilogue, or if anything is left over, during the epilogue. Yes, some things will be revealed over the course of the story but like NR, not all of it will come out until closer to the end of it. There will be flashbacks to things that happened BEFORE the story opens and I already have a few ideas for those... Along with a lot of other things.
Yes, my "ideas" list is getting longer and longer, which is a GOOD thing!
I just hope this story turns out even half as good as NR's first draft did. If I can write an "epic" like that one, surely I can do this too!
Have a great weekend everyone!    

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