Thursday, November 1, 2012

Shifting Gears, Part 3: Slashing, Burning and Updating/Modernizing

Day 13 after NR's first draft was finished...
To say I've had urges to work on it is an understatement... There have been days that I literally had to hand the computer over to someone else so I wouldn't get the urge to open NR's second draft and work on it somehow.
I've managed to avoid that though, and NR has been perking for over a week now. I closed Draft 2's file last Monday and haven't looked at it once in the time since then. It's still popping into the mind though and as hard as it is some days NOT to open it and work on it, I've managed to avoid doing so. 
The worst of it is, I just got a new printer/copier/scanner and I have over 2 reams of paper ready and waiting for printing. NOT GOOD when one has the urge to print out a story they just finished to work on it when it's supposed to be fading from the mind a little bit!
What helps is bouncing around ideas for RH's rewrite/overhaul... And actually working on the story. 
Yesterday wasn't the best day I've had writing wise to date but then again, I'm still getting into the groove of RH and out of NR's groove... Things are progressing slowly but surely and maybe with a little more time of letting NR perk and getting more into the minds of the leading couple in RH, I'll start picking up on the ideas and the actual writing part itself
RH Version 2.0 has a LOT of changes in it and is very different from the original in so many ways... The characters' professions have changed for one, the leading lady's personality is a little more "brash", the leading man is calmer and wiser than she is, and the family dynamics of both his and her families are different. I'm not revealing just HOW but anyone who read the original version of it will get it when they see Version 2... I'll probably get killed for doing this from some quarters but meh, that's okay. I still think that after the rewrite, RH will be a much better story in the end.
I've also been doing some research into copyrights in Canada and it seems they are different here than in the States... I'm not fully sure on things but I will be doing more research on them and may even visit a few contacts in the federal government, ones left from the time I worked for an office that helped people with barriers to employment find work. I'm hoping they'll be able to clear things up for me a little bit. The Government of Canada's website is pretty good but not all things are completely clear for me in regards to certain things about copyrighting books/stories/novels/poems, etc. and the clearer things are the better. I am NOT taking any chances with RH due to certain circumstances, considering how the original version was written almost 13 years ago and I passed it around to several people after it was done. Same with Untitled #6. Both are saved on my Pentium too and I have NOT touched the files for either on the Pentium in years...
Back to RH's rewrite: Chapter 1 is VERY long compared to the latter chapters of NR... It's over 7000 words and barely covers a day or so, and Chapter 2 starts off with a scene from later in the day of the second half of chapter 1. Yeah, a lot happens in this story, and pretty darn fast by times too. Thankfully, the first scene of chapter 2 was finished RIGHT at the time my bus time alarm went off at 2:20 so that's all good and I'll be starting scene 2 of Chapter 2 tomorrow morning during my "long" writing day this week. I just have to figure out WHAT to put in for scene 2 though... 
For anyone out there who is wondering... Yes, we did get hit with the remnants of Hurricane Sandy, on Halloween (yesterday) and it wasn't pleasant, although we have been through worse storms here. We had a LOT of wind, a lot of rain and it wasn't fun at all. We had lost power around 5:30 yesterday morning and we managed to get one battery operated radio working enough to listen to the news on one of our local radio stations. According to them and NS Power's outage line, the power was supposed to come back on around 7:30 and school was still ON (the school is on a different power grid than our house is on). Hats off to NSP, they got everything back up and running around 6:30, an hour earlier than predicted. 
However, things can still get wonky even with the power back on...
It was just after we had power that I was filling up the kettle for coffee (an hour late!) and out of nowhere, a HUGE flash and BIG BOOM ricocheted through the neighborhood... It was so bad it shook the house and several houses around here. I didn't think anything of it other than a tree or something else had been hit and hoped no one was hurt.
I tried to get online and the modem was FRIED. Thankfully Hubby worked the short 9-3 day shift yesterday and got a new modem for me on the way home. I was going to write anyway so it worked out good, I wasn't fighting with Son to keep quiet while I tried to keep from going crazy while trying to work.
I didn't know it at the time but found out from our neighbor across the road while I was taking my son around trick or treating last night that lightening hit a tree behind their house... It knocked out their pump and their phone line... And I figure that's what fried the modem too. Even with a brand new modem installed into the computer, my dial up is very slow and I'm thinking something is really messed up on the phone line because our neighbor's phone is still OUT at the moment. I'm hoping when the phone company checks the lines here, they clear up our line too so my accelerated dial up acts normally instead of getting me on at half the speed I'm used to having. 
Other than a few trees, the neighbor's phone and pump and my dratted good modem, we didn't really have anything nasty happen here. Things are good compared to other areas... Some places down in the States were VERY hard hit. Most of my friends from the eastern seaboard of the States have checked in one way or another but not all of them and I'm hoping they are safe.
My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who was affected by Hurricane Sandy.
I have a feeling that name will be retired from the hurricane names list after this year. It was a very nasty storm, worse than we experienced here with Hurricane Juan back in 2003 for others out there... Our end of it wasn't too bad, thankfully but the storm had lots a lot of its power by the time it got to Nova Scotia.
On that note I hope everyone out there is safe and well. Have a wonderful Thursday everyone.

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