Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Light Gets Brighter and Brighter...

It never ceases to amaze me just how quickly one can write when one has ideas, whether they are good or bad.
I didn't have a "true" writing marathon last week because even though I did get a lot done last Tuesday, it was sporadic and I can't seem to get fully in the groove of writing when I have someone other than the cat here. 
This week, I've been adding new material to NR like crazy... Tuesday, Hubby left me alone for a few hours while he ran some errands and I managed to finish Chapter 34, and start Chapter 35. Seriously, I managed to get in a full chapter's worth on Tuesday, which really surprised me. Ideas for different things just kept hitting me and once I dived into it, that was it. 
Yesterday was another one of those ultra good days. Chapter 35 was finished, Chapter 36 started and the "base" of a HUGE key scene was added. I would have gotten more done on the scene but I was rushing... I wanted it done before my son got off the bus and since it's one that someone under the age of 18 should see... Yeah, not a good idea to work on something like that when he's around! 
Yesterday was a 5,000 word day for me. I couldn't believe it when I did the official word count after I finished writing. It was over 11 pages long, lots of dialogue, lots of descriptions and a character makes two predictions... One of them did come true and everyone else is waiting to see if her second one comes true too. I'm not sure how close she'll be but I'm thinking not very far off! LOL
As for that huge scene, it needs a lot of editing... I want more added to it, more descriptions, etc. It's one of those scenes that is huge to the rest of the story so I'm thinking the more in it the better. There are some other smaller, somewhat key scenes that do help things move along but those are self explanatory and don't need quite as much added to them.
Chapter 34 has some fun and some sweet moments in it. Yeah, another break from the seriousness but there are some issues gone over in the chapter, same with chapter 35. Some more things are revealed, more confessions are made and things are starting to even out for the main characters a little, but there are a few issues they still need to address... And of course, the build up to what I dubbed "Crash and Burn"... There is a VERY slow build up to it as things even out between the main characters but it all comes together in a huge scene later on that I haven't written up yet. That will be coming soon, I hope... I'm getting ideas for it and if I don't reach that part in the main manuscript before it fully gels, I'll do what I normally do... Write it up in a fresh document, splice it in and tweak it until it fits properly and flows perfectly with the rest of the story like I have with other scenes. The build up to it is the hardest, I want a little more "time" to pass between things that are happening now and the time for it to show up because something major will probably happen in the meantime to add to it... I just have to figure out how to space things perfectly without rushing or dragging the story. As it is I may have rushed things a little in the last couple of chapters but I'll probably wind up balancing it out with a few spots that things are slower, with a bigger time gap in between some of the events.
I have another writing marathon tomorrow... I'm hoping to wrap up Chapter 36, get Chapter 37 on the go and get moving a little more with "Crash and Burn" phase 2... It's going to be interesting for me to see how things turn out, because I'm not fully sure exactly what happens myself, I'll find out as I wing it along the outline/idea for that and hopefully it turns out half as good as I hope it will!
I'll post another update as things progress, maybe over the weekend if I get more done on NR.
Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!

PS/I'd like to thank all who read the excerpt from Chapter 33 I had posted for certain eyes only on my White Rose Facebook profile in the Notes section... I really appreciate you feedback! I won't have to edit it again, it's perfect as it is and will definitely be in the story! (Hope I didn't make anyone sweat TOO much with it! LOL) Y'all put a huge grin on my face with your kind words and criticism... I blushed for hours after posting it and seeing everyone's reaction! Love you all! ♥

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