Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Shifting Gears, Part 2: Moving On

Today sees a new chapter in my life. Literally. 
I know I was complaining in Sanctuary of being driven nuts because I was letting NR perk for a bit and didn't feel like getting moving with another story but things have changed in the last six hours... A LOT.
I don't know how many of you out there remember this, but some of you know that I had written a short story back in 2000, code named RH, on my old DOS 3.0 laptop and in Professional Write. It was my first attempt at a romance novel and well, to me, it was a big "FAIL". It was too short, the story itself didn't have a lot of details in it, I had a LOT of facts wrong and even the leading characters' professions were not that plausible, notably the leading lady's. So I put it away and chalked it up to an experience and let it go. 
A few years back, I decided to see if I could redo it on Word 97 on my little Pentium 90 and I did get a lot of it expanded, etc, but it still wasn't up to my standards and once again, fell into the "dead manuscripts" file.
However, I've been bouncing around the idea to do a full rewrite on it in recent months, notably after I saw how close I was to wrapping up NR's first draft a few weeks ago. I was starting to think that if RH was rewritten, modernized and had a few changes done to it, it MAY be up to my insanely high standards. NR is close but it needs to perk and since I HAVE to have something on the go or drive everyone including myself bonkers, I thought about it a little more today and decided maybe it wouldn't hurt to look at it again.
I printed off what I have on the Acer, my current system, and it's not the entire thing. But since I'm modernizing it and will be doing a full rewrite on it, maybe it doesn't matter. The basic idea of why the two leading characters meet will still be the same but how they meet, what they do for a living and other things are going to be very different... Meaning RH itself will wind up being a VERY different story by the time I'm finished with it this time. IF I can finish it like I managed to wrap up NR's first draft, and I hope I can get into it as much as I got into NR. NR consumed my entire life for months and if ideas for RH come as quickly as ideas for NR did the last six months or so, it will consume me too! Or that's what I'm hoping for!
So far, the ideas file for RH has been started, the first draft of the rewrite is on the go and it's still on Chapter 1. The actual writing part of it may be slow going for the first while until the ideas pick up more and more but that doesn't worry me at the moment. I'm still in the planning stages of this story after all and that's okay. Ideas are coming to me, bit by bit and I'm getting a picture of each character again, plus I'm starting to see things from their point of view... The leading characters are VERY different than the ones from NR were and it will be a challenge to me to get into their heads for a while. Their looks are quite different as well and I'm going to have to get used to describing them instead of NR's leading couple! 
In some ways, it's good to be back with RH again, but in others, I see one HECK of another long road ahead of me. Starting over with another story, another set of unique and hopefully interesting characters is a definite challenge but after all the blood, sweat, tears and other stuff I put into NR after I got back into it after a year in hell, I KNOW I can do this with some luck, some patience with myself and a lot of time and effort... And a few thousand gallons of coffee, plus several months of having the story in my head like I did with NR. I thought I had lost that story but it came back to me, and it turned out to be so much better than I thought it would be when I first thought of it back in 2010. 
With a little luck, maybe RH's rewrite and the new version of it will be half as good as NR is. I'd like to see it become a much better story in the end, just like NR did. It seems if I let something like that "sit" for a while (over a year), it turns out really well, and surprises me in the end.
Have a great Wednesday everyone and don't forget that CSI is a new episode tonight. Y'all know where I will be at 11 p.m. Atlantic Time, I'll be getting my Nicky fix! LOL

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