Saturday, October 6, 2012

I'm Shocked!

Another writing day has passed and that 18 wheeler going downhill without brakes feeling hasn't let up...
Chapter 36 was wrapped up with another HUGE *ahem* over 18 scene. That one took me a couple of hours to do because I was trying to keep verb tense the same and was having a lot of trouble with it.
Chapter 37 was written up VERY quickly. One of the characters reveals a good part of the mystery behind something that happened near the end of Part 1 and plans are starting to be made for "Crash and Burn". The main characters have decided what is necessary to do and are now in the process of getting things together so they can drop the 50 million tonne nuke on some very nasty characters. There are a few more things to come out in events related to "Crash and Burn" but they will come out in the "big climax" to that particular part of the story. I don't want the reader to know "everything" just yet, I want them to wonder why things were done like they were and laugh even harder when the nasties get their "just desserts"! *EVIL GRIN*
Chapter 37 has parts that were "copied/pasted and tweaked" into it, stuff that I had in the manuscript in earlier areas that was removed because I didn't want to reveal things right away or all at once... I had the stuff saved into a special file for times like this. I knew the stuff was going to be used but wasn't sure exactly where. A good chunk of it is now in Chapter 37, which means I managed to get that chapter finished in almost no time! LOL
Since I was still in writing mode after the guys got home, Chapter 38 was started. This is another big, key scene and it's sad at first but I'm hoping the reader will at least have a tear in their eye before they're done reading the chapter. There is also hints of something tossed in but the reader won't have a clue about what it is until later on in the story... It's a GOOD surprise though, I thought the reader and the characters could use something nice happening for a change.
Everything I wrote this week is extremely rough but the basics of it is there. I've been going over spots correcting verb tense and at the moment, it's too frustrating for me... Maybe later, after NR's first draft is finished and "sits" for a few days, I'll be able to pick up on things a LOT easier when I'm not working on it so much!
I'd like to say "THANK YOU!" to my mentor, who gave me an awesome critique on one of the "adult" scenes this week. I was thinking it could use "more" but apparently I don't! So I'm going to refine it a little more, make sure the verb tenses are right and probably have it as it stands for the most part.
Right now, I'd like to share something with all of you... I went into my reading thread at Sanctuary and read the entire thread. The following is a post from that thread, posted only this morning:
Holy freaking smokes... Shocked
I read this ENTIRE thread from start to finish and I'm shocked...

I had an idea for a story, had thought it would work out one way and it has gone into so many different directions over the last 18 months or so, it's scary.
It's grown too. When I first started this thread back in March of 2011, I hardly had a thing written up for it. Now I'm only a few chapters away from finishing it.. Almost 40 chapters later! Shocked 
You know, when I first started NR, I thought it was going to be just a regular run of the mill story. Something that Harlequin would put out for example... But over time, it's become MORE than that... 
It's become not just a "romance", it's become a journey, a BIG one, for two special characters. The leading characters and some of the supporting ones, change and grow so much during the course of their journey... I knew they would over time when I first started out but not this much.
Nor did I expect all of the twists and turns that have happened, both with writing it, and in the story itself. For a while, it looked like things would go a certain way and I'd look at it, think for a while and another, better idea would hit me, then the story would go into a completely different but better direction. 
I'm within 10 chapters of finishing this particular journey and in some ways, I'm anxious to get it finished but in others, I don't want to leave these complex and wonderful characters behind. When Draft 1 is finished, it will be a VERY bittersweet time for me... I will still have a lot of work to do on the story but I'll finally have the basic story finished.
It's been one heck of an incredible journey for me so far and I'm hoping the rest of it is just as fun, compelling and engrossing!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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