Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rewrite and a Roller Coaster Ride...

School has been back in session only a little over a week but things are picking up steam when it comes to my writing. I'm officially back into writing mode almost constantly and new ideas keep popping into my mind without warning.
Yesterday was one of the best writing days I have had in months... Word count wise, it was an average day, a little over 3000 words, but the quality of it is what I'm referring to...
I had written Chapter 30 for NR a few weeks ago during one of the few "all nighters" writing sessions I managed to squeeze in during summer vacation and after reading it over and discussing it with my mentor a few times, it didn't "feel" right to me... I admit during the time I was actually writing up Chapter30, it did feel right and I thought it was a brilliant idea... Until I remembered it was a situation that was used so many times in other romance novels... The "let's pretend we're a couple to keep others from bugging us" scenario. It would have worked for NR's second half but the problem is that I would rather use something that wasn't used a zillion times in a romance novel. 
So after careful consideration, I 86'ed most of C30, starting from a spot where I could "switch gears" easily without having to rewrite the entire chapter. The characters were already in the public place I wanted them to be and the first few lines of dialogue were very general so it was easy to go from there.
However, the concrete plan I had for the rewrite took a few turns and I went with them. What is now Chapter 30 isn't ultra long like some of the other chapters in this story but I think it takes both the characters and the reader on one heck of a roller coaster ride... The biggest one of the entire book so far, before the last chapter or so that is (I have already decided how things will end in it and am slowly building to that point!)... I was getting frustrated with myself for taking my time in getting things moving again with different things but with this chapter, I managed to finally get things on the go again and will be getting things moving even more in Chapter 31. I'm still trying to decide the best way to proceed in that chapter though. I have several ideas but I'm not sure which order to put them in or how long to let the characters "breathe" before pushing them on the coaster again!
I'm still editing Chapter 30... I did notice some grammatical errors yesterday and saw a few "bare" spots where more detail could be added so I played around with that after Son was home from school.
If things go as planned, I'll have TWO writing days a week for the next couple of weeks... Hubby is now working the shorter day shift mid-week along with his full shift on Friday daytime... So y'all KNOW what I'll be doing during those days! LOL
Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I'm also starting to get a good idea of what to put into my next Autism blog entry... I know I promised to have one around the beginning of summer but with the way things were going here, and the fact I didn't have much to report, it kind of slipped onto the back burner. Sorry about that!

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