Friday, June 8, 2012

"Unclogging the Plug..."

Another writing marathon day has come and gone and this particular little aspiring author has gone nuts with things again...
Today was focused on not one, but two scenes that take place in the earlier part of the second half of Untitled #7... Which I should really give another code name for, it's a pain to write that out each time instead of something like "RH" for my short story I wrote back in 2000!! 
Last night saw me write up a scene that was "mostly" 86'ed this morning. I read it and it wasn't working so I tossed most of it. 
However, the flashback part of it was good so I kept that, changed how things lead into it and out of it and went from there... It's the lead-in to what I worked on today as of now.
The two scenes I wrote up today take place right after the three page one I had written up after Hubby came home yesterday... Talk about a bunch of events happening in a short time! Instead of having a fully laid out "plan" for the part I worked on today, I winged it and discovered just how far one could go! It all fits together perfectly... I could see the scenes, the characters in each one, hear exactly what they were saying and even managed to sneak in a few extra things to make the reader go "Okay, what's up with this? Something is NOT right here!" which will get them to keep reading just to find out what happens next!
Yeah, I'm being "coy" in revealing some details about things that happened in the first part of the story and a lot of things that will be revealed to the characters and the reader as the second half of the story progresses. Some things will be subtle (like some of the stuff I was working on today), others will be hitting the reader in the face so hard, they won't know what hit them!
I'm sitting here thinking that removing what was going to be the middle part and going with the "flashbacks" instead was the right way to go for me with this story. It was becoming a literal chore to even try to think of ideas for that part and now that I know for a fact I won't have to work on it like I had been with part 1 and 2, I'm feeling a lot better about the story and I'm feeling a lot more creative! It seemed like I had a plug in the creativity for a while because of that part and now that it's gone, I'm feeling more like writing all of the time and actually want to finish it as soon as I can! I'm feeling more and more confident about the story the more I get written up. Now I may sneak in bits and pieces of what was the MMG file here and there in "flashback mode", etc but it won't be the full freaking file. I did that today, in a conversation between the leading lady and a friend of hers... Some of the dialogue for a part of the MMG file was "right" for a conversation they had and with some tweaking/editing, it was perfect for what I was working on. 
All in all, including the flashback scene, the "steal" from the MMG file and the actual new material I added, today's work is very close to TEN PAGES. Seriously! If I had had more time, I probably would have added a few more to that total, because when the bus came (early with no notification!) I was still ready and raring to write, I had yet another scene starting to focus in the brain! 
I have TWO full days of being by myself left before the summer break and then I'll be writing mostly at night. Son has only two full weeks of school left before he is done, before the last day on the 29th and that's only for an hour or two, long enough to get his report card and tell his friends to have a great vacation. I'm hoping to use those days to the fullest... IF I don't get more writing time during the remainder of the school days that is... Hubby is offering to disappear from about 9 or so until Son gets home and I may take him up on it once or twice... Or more! Heh.
I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend, and I'll post another update when I get more done. Happy Friday everyone! 

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