Friday, June 15, 2012

"Turning Points"

This was one wild week in my world...
As y'all saw on Wednesday's blog, things were NUTS here on Monday and I wasn't amused, but Wednesday went a lot better and I actually got a little more writing done.
Today was my usual "writing marathon" day this week and between all of the days I had to write, I managed to get a lot done.
A few key scenes or turning points were written up this week, including three or four major ones, that include two that happen one right after the other one and the most recent one written is where the reader will start to see something being "phoenix'ed" so to speak. *sly grin*
There are one or two flashback scenes added to the mix too, just to give the reader a few clues about what happened in the x-number of years gap between part 1 and part 2 of the story.
As of today, "Untitled #7" will be "NR" which is the code name I came up with the story... It's related to its working title and like RH, it's going to be a LOT easier for me to type out each time I post a blog or mention it on Facebook, my Creed sites or MW.
I'm exhausted but I may stay up a little late tonight, writing again. I have the idea for the next scene of part 2 starting to gel in my head and when that happens, I can't rest until I get it written up! I'm weaving in my chair but who cares? I'll keep going until I pass out from exhaustion!
I have just next week to get as much done on NR before summer vacation starts... Hubby will be working two full days next week during the daytimes and will be working a "third of a shift" (shifts at his workplace are 9 hours) so I'll be deep into NR as much as I can be when he's gone and I have peace and quiet! After next week, I'll probably start adapting to a "late night, sleep in late" routine for writing so I don't have to fight to get an hour or two here and there while Son is up and running around and I'll be able to work sometimes up to six hours (or more) without interruptions or noise other than the keys clicking or the cats driving me up a wall!
Have a great weekend everyone... I'll be back with another update when things move forward again. 

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