Saturday, June 16, 2012

"Trial By Fire"

Editing... The bane of my life when it comes to writing, next to research that is!! ARGH!!! It's also a necessary evil in the writing world as a lot of you know!
I was reading through the second half of NR/#7 and there one part of it that isn't working where I put it... Where the leading man makes a very big discovery. Turns out I may have put that in a little early because this discovery causes one HECK of a lot of conflict, not just between the main characters but them and a few others. It's also the source of something that happens later on in the story but I'm not going into detail on exactly WHAT.
Well, you write you learn, as my mentor says. I've done nothing BUT learn since I've been working on this blasted thing and some days it feels like a freaking "trial by fire" the more I get into writing because it seems that each time I get going with stuff following a major event in the story, BAM!, I have to rearrange things again.
I must have been rushing again in my haste to get things written up again... I seem to do that a lot or go to the extreme, TOO MUCH DETAIL! I can find the right balance some days, others, not so much and those are the days I want to rip my hair out, bang my head against a wall and throw in the towel... But then I hear my husband saying, "You never finish a story, how can you get published unless you do?" and I dive right back into it. 
I will be sooooooooo happy when I finally have this story finished and sent out to publishers to reject... LOL I am keeping it real and not expecting the first one that gets it to be sending me a fat writing contract, I'm expecting several rejections before anything good happens! I am hoping to get this story published traditionally but if I can't, I'll get it out there somehow!
This edit/reworking of those particular scenes is a huge job... I'm going to have to do it when I'm either alone or the guys are in bed because it's going to need my full concentration and since it is the weekend, Son is home and he's zooming around the house like his tail is afire. NOT GOOD for the concentration, especially since he's in a mood to have music going, LOUD, and making as much noise as he can. I'll attack it later tonight or early on Tuesday, which is my next "writing day". I really didn't want to have to take any time from my full days of writing to do something like this but since I can't continue on in the Second Half until after it's fixed, I'll have to live with it I guess. Leave it to me to do something that idiotic!
Have a great Saturday everyone!
PS/ Trivia: "Trial By Fire: A North of 60 Mystery" is my favorite of the made for TV movies out of the North of 60 franchise... Thought I'd throw out that little tidbit! 

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