Monday, June 25, 2012

"S.W.T.: Summer Writing Time"

It's official: 
School is out for the summer, minus "report card" day that is!
Son had a wonderful last day with his teacher's aide and we're sad to say good bye to her. She was with him for the last two years and they adore one another. I'm not expecting her to be with his class this upcoming year, all I can hope for is that next year's TA will be half as good as Mrs. O was with Son.
Today marks the official start of "SWT", Summer Writing Time... I did get some done today, a shorter scene, but after today, most of the writing I'll be doing will be after the guys go to bed at night and if Hubby takes Son out shopping or bowling for the day. It's going to hard for me to adjust for a while but hopefully I should have no problems with it as long as the ideas keep flowing and I get enough sleep!
Today also marks the last day I will be online in the ultra early mornings until September... Normally I would get up at 5:30 my time to wake up, get things ready and have Son out by the bus stop by 7:15, but now I won't be coming on until at least 7 a.m. or sometime later in the day, depending on if I had a late night writing marathon or if my husband is working, meaning I will be getting up with Son in the mornings. Since he doesn't sleep in past 6:30 most mornings, it won't be a stretch for me to say I'll be around about 7 or so some days! LOL
The lunch box, his book bag and everything school related are put away for the summer and now it's a case of waiting for his "grade 2" list to come in the mail so we know what he needs for his new grade, his new classroom and everything else. He does need new indoor sneakers and possibly another winter coat but those can be purchased in August before school starts, there is no rush for it now. We've retired this year's communication folder and I'm now starting to prepare the next entry in my Journey with Autism diary/blog, which should be up by the middle of July... I hope. I'm also thinking ahead to what we can do some of the days that I'm not wanting to write or when he's home and I can't work on my story... We can't go anywhere on days Hubby works because we're still down to one car but the days he is home and I don't want to write, there are so many things we can do... Go bowling, visit my mother in law and brother in law, day trips to the Annapolis Valley to see my family, day trips around the western end of the province and maybe even a trip to the Wildlife Park/Sanctuary in Shubenacadie. So many ideas, so little time!
Tonight, I hope to at least do some editing on what I wrote up today and get a little more written up in NR... I also have a few more ideas bouncing around in my head and may write up one of them this week. Tomorrow night, I hope to do the same thing, I have to keep up with this after all, this story is still NOT leaving me alone whatsoever!
Anyway, I hope all students out there have a great summer vacation! I know a lot of the students in other countries have a much different schedule than we do here in Canada but it's still summer vacation in a lot of places until August.
I'll be updating everyone as things progress... It may be sporadic by times but I do promise to keep y'all updated as much as I can!

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