Sunday, June 3, 2012


You know you have the writing bug bad when all you can do is think, eat, sleep and breathe the story you're writing...
The last few weeks, I find myself being bitten so hard by the bug, I've gotten to the point of being obsessed with Untitled #7... Even on those days I can't write due to real life, the guys being home or other things happening, it's there, haunting me, wanting me to open Word and get more of it written up.
Yesterday I started to see a huge turning point in the story appear in my mind and I could actually "hear" some of the dialogue in my head... I started it up and got writing while the guys were running errands. But I couldn't stop even after they came home. I kept working on the darn thing and as soon as my son went to bed, I jumped back on the computer and dove right back into it again until my eyes started protesting after midnight.
Today Hubby was working and Son was home but I was still working on it... Editing, adding a little bit to that part I was working on yesterday and had even thought of some really good ideas for both the first part and the latter parts of the story. I was supposed to be cleaning the entire house during the day but that was put aside so I could work while watching Sanctuary and talking to my friends in Facebook and other spots.
I know I've added a lot more to it, especially in the last six months or so... But I haven't done an official word count in months, not since February to be exact, so I tackled that and inputted it all into Excel and added it all up...
February's word count was 23023 words... Which included a LOT of stuff that has since been changed/rewritten or 86'ed... Notably one of the HUGE files, the MMG file has been officially "86'ed" as of this past week. I'm feeling a LOT better knowing I wont' have to fight to get that darn part written up and the poor readers won't have to read it now!!
Even though that file is GONE, I've added a LOT to the story... So much that I actually blinked repeatedly and readded the figures up three times before it finally sank in just how much I've gotten done on it since the winter...
The grand total: 91,570 words as of early this afternoon!!! *BLINKS!!!!* And that's NOT all of it, there are several small scenes I've written up as ideas that are going to need to have their setting added, files with just dialogue in it and other things that will be added as time goes on.
Just to think, that total is for the FIRST HALF ONLY. At this time, I really don't have anything written up for the second half because what I did have written up has been 86'ed, most of it was in the MMG file!!
At the rate I'm going this story is going to be in the realm of 200,000 to 300,000 words or in other words, about the average length of a shorter Danielle Steel novel. Seriously!
I can't believe how far things have come along... Last year this time, I could read EVERYTHING I had written up for the story in about half an hour, tops... That's the main manuscript and all of the ideas for scenes in that half hour... Now, it takes me almost an hour and a half just to get through the main manuscript file, and I am NOT editing it when I do a quick reread!!
I'm in shock but my brain keeps whispering to write... Get it down... Get it finished and get it to a publisher so you can see your dream come true!!
I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you're being haunted by a story that won't let you be, write... Pen and paper or by word processor like I do... Get it down and if you want, send it off to a publisher because one never knows what's going to happen!
Have a wonderful weekend folks!

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