Monday, June 18, 2012

Gearing Up for Summer...

This is it... The start of the final full week of school before summer vacation starts!
In some ways I am looking forward to it... I prefer warmer weather after all and I do like having my son around, he spends a lot of hours in school during the wintertime and I do miss him when he's not here. I'm also looking forward to the days when we can take off for a day trip to one of our favorite spots around the province without him missing school or having Hubby rescheduling his regular weekend workday to another day or miss a day of work so we can do something together as a family.
When it comes to the writing, however, I'm not really looking forward to it. When Son is home, it's not exactly easy for me to write because when he's zooming around the house, he has a terrible habit of looking at the monitor... He's very curious and likes to see what I'm doing. I don't like telling him not to look but at the same time, I keep feeling like I should be working on the writing every day, even on those days when he's home... If not writing new material, editing at the least. I neglected this story for over a year (from 2010 till last summer/fall) and I feel guilty if I don't at least LOOK at it every day now.
Hubby made a suggestion that after I'm done writing NR, I should try to write something that isn't R/X rated and more of a G or Youth rating... Interesting suggestion and I AM taking it under consideration! I want to make my splash in the romance genre first though because it seems that sometimes if one published a children's book first, they are not quite accepted into the more adult genres but if one gets into the more adult areas, THEN goes into the children/youth genre, it's okay.
Like I said, I'm taking the idea under consideration. 
Anyway with summer on the way, I'll be also updating my blog about our journey with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Son has come a long way even in the last three months and since I promised everyone I'd do updates every three months or so, it's time to do one, probably between now and the middle of July. If anyone wants to read our journey so far, please check it out here: Unlocking a Child's Mind: Our Family's Journey with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
A quick update: I did get things fixed in NR with the discovery I had revealed too early... It's been taken out, saved in a file to add in later and I've done a lot of editing on everything that follows where the scene was... And I've finished the scene where it was differently. The discovery won't happen for a while yet, probably close to the end of the story because it does cause a lot of conflict! I'll go over things with a fine toothed comb after I let it "sit" for a few days, so it's not so fresh in my mind and I can catch any errors a LOT easier.
Have a wonderful Monday everyone... 

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