Thursday, June 7, 2012


There are those days when nothing comes to mind for the writing... No ideas for dialogue, no ideas on how things should go, not even a whisper of how things will go at all. 
On other days, a chain reaction occurs... Out of the blue, one idea will come to mind, then another, and another... The chain goes on, ideas lighting up in your mind like little explosions and the domino chain reaction continues.
Yesterday was one of those "domino" days for me. I've been bouncing around and nixing some ideas for the second half of Untitled #7, but not much was coming to me until after I started looking through my ideas file for the story. I found an idea for something that I had thought up a few weeks ago and that's when the chain reaction started. Since I had a couple of hours to myself while Hubby was running errands, I dove right into getting the first scene of the Second Half of the book started and before I knew it, over six pages had been written up!
Hubby came home and that ended my writing time... Or so I thought! While I was doing a reread/grammar/spell check on what I had written up, another idea formed, then another... And another! Ideas were coming to me so quickly that I couldn't get one down in my ideas file before another one hit me!! 
Then out of nowhere, I saw a scene that would be the catalyst that would start things really rolling in the second half of the story... And I would NOT leave me alone! Despite having both Son and Hubby home with me, I opened Word to a new document and started typing away... Three pages of it was written up. It took me several hours to do this one between taking care of Son, talking to Hubby when he asked me a question (or wanted to tell me something), kitty insanity, helping P in Sanctuary, distractions in Facebook and my own brain stalling when I couldn't get a clear picture of what was happening or what was being said.
So far the lead in to the Second Half looks good. I've done one edit on it and made some changes but it's not as rough as it was when I finally finished yesterday, it's a little more refined and slowly getting up to my insanely high standards for my own work!
The "catalyst" scene is still quite rough and I may change some parts of it, but the majority of it is looking good. The idea I got for how it is able to be is a winner and very logical, it was one of the ideas that came to me yesterday while I was at the bus stop, waiting for Son to get home.
Today, it's a reread/edit day. Since I did so much work yesterday, I think I should take a day off from actually writing anything new and build up the creative energy for tomorrow's long writing session (it's Friday and Hubby normally works Friday daytimes) because I don't have many days of being alone in the house before the end of the school year, which is on June 29th. The more I get added to this story before that, the better... I will get a few hours here and there over the next couple of months but nothing like I've had since Hubby has gone back to work and started getting day shifts during the weekdays! If I'm lucky, Son will let me work on things once in a while when he's home... I'm hoping so at least!
Have a great Thursday everyone... I'll be back tomorrow or Saturday to post another update!
PS/ I hope everyone likes the new name and new tagline for this blog... Since I've basically turned it into my "writing blog", I thought it deserved a title and tagline that suited it and me... Hence the new name!

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