Thursday, May 31, 2012


It's Thursday... I haven't had my all day writing marathon this week yet, but there is still a LOT happening in the world of Veridian's writing...
Hubby wasn't home for part of the day yesterday and today so I managed to get four solid hours of writing time in, which resulted in almost 8 pages worth of new material added and some major changes/refitting ahead.
A lot of you know I've been struggling to get the MMG file written up because it was going to go into the story right after where I'll be splicing in the MCEWCA file and I wanted to show exactly what happens to both the leading lady and leading man during the next few years of their lives. This past week, I tried working on it again and nothing came to me. The darn thing has had different parts of it written up, 86'ed and rewritten so many times I am really surprised there is ANYTHING in that file at all right now! *SIGHS* I kept changing how the leading lady meets someone who turns out to be extremely special to her, his profession, and a LOT of other things and it just wasn't working. So after doing some soul searching and a LOT of thinking about it, I have come to a very big decision...
The MMG file has been completely scrapped. I will *NOT* be using it at all. Instead, I'm going to jump right to the part of the story where the leading characters meet up again and go from there, but with a LOT of flashbacks to the "missing years" in it... I'm not going to share exactly *what* is included in those years other than the leading lady finishes her doctorate (in what, only me and a few select others know!), the leading man moves up in the world and when they meet up again (and not necessarily by chance!), let's just say that a lot of things have changed!
I'm thinking that this way of doing it will not only save ME a ton of frustration in the end but will make it less tedious for the reader when/IF I get this darn thing finished and published! I have guessed that what I have 86'ed will cut about 10 to 15 chapters out of the final product, maybe a little less because I will be writing up flashback scenes and I plan to have a number of those scattered throughout the latter part of the story.
I'm already getting ideas for the flashbacks and how I'm going to set some of the things up so things are starting to flow for the last part of the story at least. 
I'm also working on closing that dratted gap in the first part of the story. I'm almost finished the first draft of Chapter 13 and I hope to finish that tomorrow, and get Chapter 14 underway. Chapter 13 has a MAJOR event in it and Chapter 14 does as well, but... Well, y'all will find out exactly what happens where after the darn thing is published! LOL And NO, I will not be sharing if/when I send it out to a publisher here, I'll be sharing that AFTER I get word that it'll be published!
I'm happy with how well things are progressing... It seems each time I make a huge change, the creativity flows even better and more ideas start popping into my head! I just wish I had had more time to work on this when I had the original idea hit me but sometimes life doesn't work out the way one wants it to... So I've been sucking it up and working on it every chance I can get nowadays and who knows, maybe it'll turn out better in the end because I have been fighting so hard to get this done!
I'll be back tomorrow with another update if I get more written up. :)
Happy belated birthday to my Son, who turned 8 years old on May 29th!

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