Sunday, May 6, 2012

Live Music - Two Local Bands Kick A**!!

Last night was awesome to say the least!

There was a 12 hour memorial jam for a friend of mine's son who passed away too soon... Bands from the local area dedicated their time and music to show their support for the young man and his family.

The entire jam started at 1 p.m. Atlantic time at a local fire hall, but due to real life (read: Son won't stay with a baby sitter!) I didn't make it until later that evening. I got there just before Billion Dollar Alice (an Alice Cooper Tribute) went on stage and hung out with the guys of my favorite local band while BDA was doing their set.

Billion Dollar Alice is awesome! Their lead singer even looks like Alice Cooper and sounds a LOT like him when singing! Their set was out of this world! I know some of Cooper's music but mostly his stuff from the 80s, this group did a lot of his stuff from the 70s but it was still a great set. The musicians were good, and combined with the singer's vocals, it really upped the bar for any acts to follow.

After their set, the band I wanted to see live finally got on stage...

I've mentioned Whom Gods Destroy plenty of times before, and anyone who knows me from Facebook and MW know I've known all three members of this power trio for years (over 20!) and am one of their biggest fans.

This was their first LIVE gig and despite some technical difficulties, I think it went wonderfully! Adam (lead singer/drummer) kicked butt with his vocals, Tim (guitarist) blew the house away with his amazing guitar riffs and Eli (bassist) really punched in the most awesome bass line. They performed six original songs... "The Woes of Atlas", "Devil on Your Shoulder", "Warman", "Tears of My Immortal Soul", "Sea of Tears", "Whom Gods Destroy" and "Signs of Life". (IF I made a mistake in the set list, someone PLEASE message me in FB and I'll correct it!)

For a very first live gig, it was wonderful in my opinion! It was loud, the way metal music SHOULD be in my mind, the music kicked a**, and all in all, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, snapping pictures and videos of the guys and singing along with all of the songs. 

I wound up sitting right in front of the one speaker and can't really hear out of my left ear right now but it was worth it! I ran into some old friends there too, and it was great to see every single one of them! I sat with the guitarist's girlfriend and an old school friend of mine while WGD was doing their set.

After WGD was finished, the guys and I went outside for some cooler and fresher air (it was HOT in the hall!) and had a smoke with Adam while they dissected their performance and asked me how they sounded. I could be biased considering I've known all three of them for years, but to me, they sounded great and did a wonderful job! 

The pics from their performance and two from Billion Dollar Alice's performance are now up in my main Facebook profile... Visible to friends of friends so anyone who knows the guys can see the pictures too. I do apologize for the quality, some are blurry and they're pretty dark, but the flash on my camera isn't working so I did what I could with it.

All in all it was a wonderful performance by two of our local metal bands... And I hope to see both groups have continued success in their future endeavors! All the best, guys!

A couple of pictures from Whom Gods Destroy's set last night:

Y'all did a wonderful job... Thanks for rocking the house and showing off how great your band is guys!

To my readers, I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend and keep rocking!

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