Saturday, May 26, 2012

"Late Night Revisions and Additions"

Never underestimate your own ability to do whatever you set your mind to...
I had mentioned yesterday in my writing update that I was going to see if I could work on Chapter 12 and see where the break for Chapter 13 would go after the guys went to bed. 
I had gotten off the computer around 8:15 or so, let my son play some computer games (he was driving me crazy, screaming for computer time pretty much since he got home from school and I finally gave in!) but ideas for Untitled #7 were still bouncing around my head while I watched Jeopardy!, talked with my husband and had some cuddle time with our fluffy white kitty. I inputted some of the ideas into the memos area on my cell phone and the instant the guys went to bed, I fired up my word processor and started working.
I had gotten a few ideas on how to expand Chapter 12... While I was away from the computer, I realized I had rushed things along... Again!... and needed to add in a couple of "necessary" descriptions I had forgotten to do in that chapter. I made a few changes at the beginning of the chapter, added a LOT of things and continued on from there. 
After rereading the rest of the chapter, I realized it needed some tweaking here and there, so I made a few changes... Took some stuff out, added in a few things and managed to get a lot of it up to my insanely high standards for my work! I also decided that having the chapter break for where chapter 13 begins would be in a different area because what leads up to the huge event in this part should be together in ONE chapter instead of being spread out over 2 or three. Since the lead up to that had already been started at the end of Chapter 12 when I stopped writing yesterday afternoon (Son was on his way home when I set it aside), I decided that ALL of the lead up to the event will be in C13 and edited everything before and after where I inserted the chapter break so everything would flow smoothly and would fit in with it perfectly.
The upshot of it is, Chapter 12 is pretty much on par length wise with every other chapter, minus chapter 1 (which as we all know is the shortest chapter!).
I will say that with the expansion, things went from "racy" to more "detailed". I wasn't expecting that to happen BUT since I decided to go with the flow and write instead of sticking to a strict outline, I did it and it seems to work okay right now.
Unfortunately I can't edit Chapter 12 as long as my son is near the computer... It's not exactly fit for youngsters' eyes and I'll have to wait to do a reread/edit on it at a time when he's either busy playing video games/watching TV or in school, AWAY from the computer, so he won't see anything he should not be seeing!
I finally gave up working around 2:30 a.m. my time... I would have loved to continue working on it but I had been up since about 5 a.m. that morning and my eyes were starting to tell me I had been staring at the monitor a little too much!
I don't know if I'll be 86ing anything I wrote last night out of the manuscript or not at this point... Sometimes it seems that the late night writing binges wind up being taken out or changed and I'm hoping I don't have to do that. I'll have to see. Thank the stars I'm NOT on a deadline to have this thing done!
It was a day where I added ELEVEN pages worth of new material, and although I'm not sure about word count, I do know it's up over 6000 words. It was one of my best days yet and the more I write, the more I'm inspired to write and get this story's first draft finished and get it sent to a publisher!
I'm hoping to get at least an extra day's worth of writing/working time this week... The more writing time I get in now the better, summer vacation is coming up pretty quickly, meaning I won't have a lot of opportunities to write and will be chomping at the monitor until September rolls around again!
Have a great weekend everyone!

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