Friday, May 25, 2012


Today was "writing day" for me and things are going pretty good with Untitled #7...
I wasn't sure how to start off Chapter 12 but after a quick reread/edit of Chapter 11 (keep in mind I "compressed" Chapters 8 and 9 into one chapter!) I found the right direction to go and proceeded from there.
Luckily things went so smoothly that I had written a LOT more than I had hoped to today, despite getting started an hour later than I had planned... I managed to get the majority of Chapter 12 written up and I'm hoping to finish it after the guys go to bed or sometime over the weekend if I can get a couple of hours' worth of quiet time by myself.
I know this is getting into the realm of "Non PG13" stuff but I will say that from the end of one of the chapters on, things get a "racy" by times... I don't go into "in your face" detail with most of it but I do describe "some" of it. *winks* Not saying what, how or where, etc here but y'all get the idea...*winks*
What I wrote today was over six pages long, had some dialogue into it and a lot of descriptions... I'm pleased with it but want to keep writing. I just reread what I wrote today and am wanting to get this DRATTED chapter finished so I can proceed on to the next one! Chapter 12 is going to be a shorter one compared to all but Chapter 1 but it's looking like Chapter 13 is going to have a HUGE event in it, and I want to have at least a FULL chapter for it, meaning I have to do the break soon or else have C12 to be twice as long as the other chapters!
I'm still bouncing around ideas and have come up with some for a chapter or two down the road from where I am now in the main manuscript. Things are looking good so far and I'm hoping I don't have to 86 any more crap from the main manuscript at this point in time. If I have to do it I will but I'm hoping it won't come to that!
Have a lovely weekend everyone... And if you're in the States, have a great Memorial Day! Love to all!

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