Friday, May 11, 2012

Coffee, Cats, Computer and Word Processor!!!

Afternoon everyone!
It was another productive day in my writing world...
After my usual "catch up with things online" stuff this morning, I opened the file for Untitled #7's documents and started reading through them to see which one would "click" for me to work on today. Nothing was coming to me where I left off in Chapter 12 of the main manuscript file, nor did anything in the MMG file or other parts for the latter part of the story. I opened what I worked on last week, the MCE file, and started working on that from where I had left off last Friday.
Despite a LOT of distractions, like the cats driving me BONKERS and me taking an hour off to watch a rerun of North of 60 (Cdn drama, ran from 1992-1997), I managed to get over 3100 words added and six pages worth of new stuff added! I made a few changes, wrote up an outline for this next part, and got typing away.
I am now almost ready to splice the C&A file into the MCE file... I have a HUGE confrontation between a couple of the characters to write up before I'll be ready to splice that in... I will probably need an entire day to write that up, because it's going to be one HECK of a screaming match... Fur flies in it and a lot of figurative "blood" will be shed, so the more time I have to write that up the better! I'm going to have to really think about what they say to each other, who draws first blood, who fires back and how things progress to where the C&A file starts off, etc. This part takes place at the end of the first third of the story, so anyone that knows the plot (YE, P, T!) has a general idea of what's happening at this point and knows that this was on the way for this part of the story.
I'm tired, even though I drank about 10 cups of half caff coffee, my eyes are more than tangled and I'm worn out but I'm pleased things went as well as they did today. I still have to do a LOT of editing on the stuff I added in today but such is life in a writer's world after all.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone... And Happy Mother's Day to my mom and to all mothers out there!

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