Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bridging Another Gap and a Happy Dance!!!

As the title states, I am one very happy little writer at the moment!
Hubby decided that he was going to run some errands and go spend some time with some of his various friends today, which meant that I had a few unexpected hours of alone time at the house.
In my previous blog entry, I talk about a huge confrontation between two characters that would bridge the gap between the MCE and the C&A files... Since Hubby left so early this morning and told me he wasn't sure what time he'd be home, I decided to see if I can get that out of the way because it's been driving me bonkers these last few days since I worked my way up to that part this past Friday. 
Today, amongst a LOT of kitty insanity (I was fit to shove both cats outside at one point!), a longtime friend calling and my own body rebelling against me for guzzling so much coffee, I managed to get the ENTIRE confrontation written up, edited the C&A file to fit and got it all spliced together in what I will call the MCEWCA file!! It's only three pages worth, mostly dialogue, and it took me a LOT of thinking to get it all done just right, but it's done and off the "to write" list finally!! *THUD!* 
I'm happy because I have wanted to get this done for almost a week and today was my first chance to get it DONE and move on in either the main manuscript file or another part of the story... Already ideas are forming for the part that happens after what was the C&A file so I'll probably be working on that tomorrow while Hubby's working (day shift) and maybe into Friday... It all depends on how far I get tomorrow! LOL
Hubby and Son are home now so I'm going to put off doing another reread/edit on it until the morning, when my brain will be fresh and so I don't have to worry about so many distractions, other than the cats that is! *giggles!* I'll probably go to bed nice and early tonight so I can be well rested and ready to go as soon as Son is on the bus tomorrow!
Have a great Wednesday everyone!

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