Saturday, May 19, 2012

"86ing and Compressions... Again"

I've been "taking out some trash" again...
It never ceases to amaze me just how much stuff I will write up that gets 86ed... 
I had added a villain to Untitled #7, one that seems nice to some of the characters but the reader would have known that this one isn't exactly all they seemed to be. I was going to have it so that the character caused a LOT of trouble for the main characters in the story but would get their just desserts in the end, at the hands of the leading man.
After reading the main manuscript file for what seemed like the millionth time, I started thinking and the character wasn't really going anywhere, plus it just seemed to "weigh down" the entire story and made it drag.
So last night, I made a huge decision and started 86ing everything about this character... From their intro to any references to it in the rest of the story. By the time I was finished, over SIX pages worth of stuff was removed and Chapter 8 (where the character was introduced) had shrunk to barely two pages. The stuff I "chopped" is now in a file specially set up for anything I remove from the manuscript, which includes anything from the files that will be spliced in sometime in the future.
After adding a shorter scene to replace the huge one I had removed, I combined what was Chapter 8 and 9 to make "Chapter 8" and have changed the chapter breaks to match it all.
The main manuscript now stands at 11 full chapters. Where I left off in that file is now at the end of Chapter 11 instead of at the end of Chapter 12.
I still have a lot of work to do in the areas I did the "chopping" but the story seems to move along much better and doesn't drag quite so much.
The story's beginning has a lot of conflict in it as it is with one character, a relative of the leading lady and there will be another one added in sometime soon, so having a third villain didn't seem logical and the reader would think that I'm nuts for adding yet another villain into the story after everything that's happening at this point anyway! 
I took some of the characteristics of this now 86'ed villain and added them to the first one so the reader despises this one even more and so it causes more conflict where I wasn't going to have any.
I'm also thinking about switching a few things around in the main manuscript so one sees the conflict almost right away instead of having it drag out yet again.
So the main file is now down to 92 pages instead of 98 but I'm sure that number will increase when I get back to filling in the gap between what is now the end of Chapter 11 and the MCEWCA file, and then some! LOL
I admit that yes, I do get frustrated with myself for writing up a bunch of garbage that I wind up 86ing in time but I do have to remember that Rome wasn't built in a day, and perfection takes time! I'm glad I'm not on a deadline with this story else I'd probably wind up sending in crap and that's the last thing I want to do!
I'll probably be attacking the story again this coming week if time and circumstances work out in my favor. I want everything I did last night fixed ASAP so I can move forward and finish closing the chasm between the end of chapter 11 and the MCEWCA file so I can move on with the rest of the story!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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