Friday, April 13, 2012

"Word Processor, Brain, Coffee and Kitty Insanity?"

What a week!
Hubby worked two full day shifts this week, meaning I had two full days to write... Or so I thought...
Wednesday started out normally for a day that Hubby starts work at 6 a.m. We got up to get Son ready for school, waved to Hubby as he drove down the driveway, got ready for school with no problems and I quickly finished getting caught up with things online after seeing Son get on the bus.
It wasn't until after I went offline and tried to write that things went downhill....
I made the mistake of putting a chicken breast into the toaster oven to roast while I was writing that morning so I'd have it for lunch later that day. Noelle, our fluffy white cat, is VERY fond of chicken and started going nuts when she saw me getting it ready. She howled and basically sat on my lap the entire time it was in the oven and would NOT settle down even after I gave her a few tidbits off of it before it fully cooled. I shared it with her and she was still going bonkers, meowing and smooching my arm constantly the ENTIRE time I was trying to write and basically threw me off of my creative mode. I could NOT concentrate while that furball was howling (she has this VERY weird meow, it sounds like someone stepped on her tail when in reality no one is near her!). I had planned to wrap up Chapter 10 that day and splice in the AST scene but neither happened. I was NOT impressed and was fit to toss Noelle outside in the rain so I could get a little peace and quiet! After things settled down, when Son got home (figures!), I hoped and prayed she and Amber would be good the next day I had scheduled to write, which was today.
Today started off with a LOT of kitty insanity. Hubby left for work about 5:15 this morning and the instant he was out of the driveway, Amber went NUTS, pouncing on everything in sight, zooming around the kitchen and making her "I'm silly!" noise, which is a mix of a meow, a chirp/trill and a grunt. It's pretty loud and very distinctive and it makes me want to hide under my desk because that tells me I'll get ran over by this 15 pound cat acting like she's lost her mind at some point!
Thankfully, she settled down after a few minutes. I went upstairs to wake up my son and when I came down, Noelle was on top of the monitor. I moved her, that problem was solved.
After Son was on the bus and I started to bounce around ideas for the latter part of Chapter 10, the cats decided to get into a mini cat-fight right under my computer chair. *head desk!* I broke it up, thankfully no one was hurt, and things were fine after that.
Today, everything went smoothly... I started writing and both cats fell asleep, one was on top of the armchair in the living room and the other one claimed the picture windowsill. 
Things went in a different direction than I had planned though... I was thinking the AST file would be going in at the end of Chapter 10 but the more I thought about it, the more I felt like it wasn't the right place to put it and it should go in later on in the story... But something else that was only an idea felt perfect for the latter part of Chapter 10 so I wrote that up and Chapter 10 is now DONE! (or I hope it is anyway! LOL)
It took several (six) cups of half caff coffee, lots of turning the air blue when I couldn't find the right words for things, and lots of me pacing the driveway smoking like a freight train while trying to work things out in my head, but I did get that part finished today! I'm not sure on word count because I was editing the (small) part I wrote up on Wednesday but it is over 5 pages worth, dialogue and descriptions are both present in the part I wrote today and Wednesday. It may be moving along a lot more slowly than I had hoped but it IS getting done with each paragraph I add to it. 
There is still a LOT to be added to this story, it's not even a quarter of the way finished and I know at this rate I will not have it done by my original goal of the start of 2013... But I will get it done. Better late than never, right?
I hope y'all have a wonderful Friday the 13th and a fun and happy weekend!

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