Saturday, April 21, 2012

"Fitting the Pieces Together Times Two"

This past week was interesting, both writing wise and otherwise...
Tuesday, Hubby worked dayshift and that meant time for me to write. So I took advantage of it, and managed to get a lot done in Chapter 11. One sees a LOT of conflict in this chapter and some resolutions happening but there is also some nastiness which moves the story forward the way I want it to go. One character, who I had set up originally as someone with a good heart, is now a major cause of conflict, meaning the reader is going to hate their guts. I wasn't going to do it like that but since there isn't a lot of conflict in the first part of the story, I decided to toss it in and see how it went. It's flowing much better than I had originally planned. HOWEVER, this character does make a bit of a turnaround later on in the book as time marches on so don't hate them fully and see they only mean well, even if they're driving the reader nuts! LOL
I have also gotten the AST file spliced in on Tuesday... It took me several hours of editing/adding a LOT of stuff into it on Friday to get it to fit in and flow with the rest of the story that happens ahead of it, but after a lot of work, grumbling, etc, it's finally up to "draft 1" quality.
Friday also saw the start of Chapter 12 and another battle between two characters... It wasn't something I had planned to do originally but once again, it seems to fit in with the story better than my original idea. 
I'm not sure how many pages or how many words were added but I do know this week saw a LOT of work done to #7. The cats actually behaved and I was impressed.
I am so close to splicing in the FLSD2 file it's unreal... If I had another hour or so on Friday to write, I probably would have been able to do that but due to time restrictions, it didn't happen. Hubby will be gone here and there through this coming week (working, running errands) so I'll be deep into getting the gap closed so I can splice it in and edit it to fit the rest of the story... IF I need to that is! LOL I may change the setting on it, I may not... It all depends on what fits and what doesn't.
I did have the full day to write on Wednesday while Hubby took his mother to an appointment in the Valley... But due to being stressed out and not sleeping well the night before, I decided it was best if I took a break and just relaxed for a change on that day. I wound up having to take a break from my main Facebook profile but was still in there, in another profile that where only a few select people know it's really me. I didn't want to neglect my duties in Sanctuary or MW so I was in both at various times the last couple of days and only officially returned to my main FB profile today.  It was either take a break or not write, so I chose to take a break from the "drama", got my equilibrium back and was able to write this week.
I'm not going to go into detail about what prompted me to take a break from my main profile... You see, I have learned my lesson about saying nasty things about people publicly, and I know better than to open my mouth in public about certain things. I'll gladly share something silly or fun but drama is a NO NO on this blog. End of story!
Anyway, that's what went on this week in my world... Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

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