Thursday, April 5, 2012

"Chomping at the Monitor?"

These last couple of weeks have been a real "SNAFU"... 
Last Thursday, Son got a really bad case of the flu. We did take him into the doctor and he is fine but he was still sick on Friday, meaning he was home from school two days in a row and I didn't get a chance to work on Untitled #7 at all that day. I wasn't happy but things like this do happen from time to time so I made adjustments and did a little editing here and there where I could while he vegged in front of the TV.
Son was also ill on Monday and Tuesday but this time it was a nasty head cold. By this time, I was also ill with a cold and the brain was foggier than it is normally so writing was out yet again.
Yesterday, I didn't have any opportunity to write either due to Hubby being home all day and other things happening here. I was going NUTS and just about chomping at my monitor the last few days, wanting to write but being unable to, I was going crazy!
Today Hubby ran some errands and was gone a full FOUR hours... I had Word open and was rereading chapters 5-9 before he was even out of the driveway! *laughs*
I did some editing first... Took out some stuff that wasn't relevant to the way the story was supposed to flow, added some words/lines in here and there and started thinking about how I wanted to proceed with the latter half of C9. The next thing I knew, the words were flowing quite quickly and the next time I looked at my computer's clock, it was over 3 hours later and almost time to get Son from the bus stop!
I managed to wrap up Chapter 9 today and even got a few paragraphs into Chapter 10 before I had to stop! I am not sure on the exact word count for today but it is up over 1500 words and covers at least 6 pages.
I'm very pleased... I was thinking that I would have to work on something else in the story (another part/file) before moving on in the main manuscript but when things hit me, they hit me good!
I'm slowly getting ideas for other parts of the story, the ones that are "blank" at the moment in my mind and on my computer... I'm putting them down into the Ideas file (or on my cell if I'm not around the computer!) as quickly as they are coming and sometimes, they are coming faster than the earth's velocity going around the sun! 
I am also VERY close to splicing in what I call the AST file, and when that time comes, I'll make any necessary adjustments to it after it's spliced in so the story flows along perfectly.
Have a wonderful long weekend everyone! 

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