Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Repairs & Renovations"

Today was another day that I had some time to myself in the house so I attacked Untitled #7 with a vengeance!
I had stayed up till 3 a.m. Saturday morning working on filling in that last bit of the gap between things in Chapter 6 and where I spliced in the MMLTG file so I'd have that out of the way for this week.
I should know better not to write after being up for more than 15 hours, especially on a day that I already had one heck of a writing marathon. The latter bit of the stuff I had written didn't feel right, nor did it completely "gel" with what was the MMLTG file (now chapters 7, 8 and part of 9) so today was spent rereading the ENTIRE main manuscript file from start to finish, taking out anything that wasn't working and filling in spots that needed extra stuff or putting in something I had forgotten to add that night while being half asleep or distracted by something else.
I managed to get that completely finished today and I even did an edit on (what is now) Chapters 7, 8 and 9 to see how it "fits" with everything that came before it in the main manuscript file. It only took me a few changes here and there but so far, it's fitting in nicely... I may make a few changes here and there in the future, like take out a couple of paragraphs where I kinda went off on a tangent (stuff about a nasty character) and add some stuff in to help make things flow more smoothly. 
So it's looking like Friday will see me continuing on in Chapter 9, from where I had left off in what was the MMLTG file and hopefully getting to the point where I can splice in the AST file sometime soon. I have a few ideas on what to have in that particular gap and will be doing the detailed outlines sometime later today or tomorrow, maybe Thursday morning, it all depends on when I can find the time to do it without interruptions! LOL 
I'm liking the way things are flowing in the story now... It seems ever since I made a few changes here and there, it lit a fire under my tush and it's motivating me to really dive into the writing every chance I get!
Have a wonderful week everyone! I'll update this blog after I do something major or after I have yet another writing marathon.

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