Sunday, March 4, 2012

Out of the Blue...

Sorry I haven't been updating this blog a lot lately everyone. It seems real life had gotten a little crazy here and I haven't had much time to write since my last update.
Sometimes things can hit you out of the blue. In my case it was something for Untitled #7 that happens about 7/8 of the way through the story and I had to get it down before I lost it, which has happened way too many times in the past.
What hit me was some dialogue between the main characters, an argument to be exact. I can't go into detail on why they were arguing because that would give at least part of the story away (and I'm pretty private on what the storylines for my writings are!), but I will say that my fingers were not as fast as my brain was going at one point and I had to backtrack things in my mind several times to get it all down the way I wanted it.
I don't know the word count for tonight's quick writing... I had to write it up in script form to get it down before I lost it. It's not even a page long but it's only dialogue and will have the actions, the feelings, etc, added to it in the future. 
Last night I DID get more added to Chapter 4 by the way... 650 words worth and two hours of writing after Son crashed and I was waiting for Hubby to get home from work. Not a lot but it's better than nothing. *winks* I'm hoping to get more done this week and I hope things go back to NORMAL here at the house so I can dive back into my work!
I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend and we have LESS than three weeks to go until Spring arrives! WOOT! :)

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