Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bridging the Gap: Take Two!

Yesterday was classed as another "writing marathon" day even though I had taken some time off to do some other things, like call a dear friend and talk for over an hour (she knew I was in a writing fog and understood that I wouldn't be overly focused, Love Ya Y!!) and keep an eye on Sanctuary for a while before going offline to fully concentrate on writing.
Yesterday's work focused on once again, bridging that dratted gap between the beginning of the Main Manuscript file and the stuff I had spliced in prematurely back in the fall when I rushed through Chapters 2 and 3. I'm certainly NOT rushing now, in fact I think I may have gone the opposite way and am taking TOO much time building up to more significant things, like the leading characters' first kiss, etc. 
I've been going through the main manuscript file today and am seeing that I do have a tendency to drag things out a little bit, and I may cut back a little on descriptions, etc so I don't bore the reader. Finding that balance between not describing things and going overboard in the description seems to be hard for me at the moment, but I will find it one of these days... I just have to be patient, that's all! LOL
I'm almost done Chapter 4 in the main manuscript. I managed to get another 3300+ words added in yesterday even with distractions but that number may drop. I tried working on it after my husband and son went to bed and wound up writing some stuff that would lead to the first kiss... But I don't feel right having that done right now. I'm thinking I should wait and have things happen as I had originally planned for the main characters and not over-think things like I have been doing the last couple of days. 
I'm also looking at the MMLTG file, thinking that 19 pages worth of stuff is *probably* too much, even though that part is almost finished and I'm on the verge of splicing the AST file into that document so I can splice everything into the Main Manuscript file as one document when the time comes... And I should be splicing that in sometime within the next couple of months at the rate I'm going! 
I'm editing/rereading the stuff I wrote yesterday today and if I can do it, I'm going to see if I can add a little more even though Son is home and he's in one of his "hyper" moods. Hopefully I am able to get an hour or so worth of work on it today. If not, back to research or just editing, IF the cats and Son cooperate that is!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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