Sunday, February 19, 2012

Writing Marathon!

Thursday and Friday consisted of a very long writing marathon... I packed three days' worth of writing into two hours on Thursday and a full day on Friday.
On Thursday, I managed to get 670 words worth of new material added to Untitled #7... It was part of the Chapter 3 "expansion/rewrite" once again, and it was the start of my shamelessly promoting different things in the western half of the province.
Friday saw more expansion/rewrite of Chapter 3... This is also where the main characters start realizing there is more between them than a passing acquaintance and things start developing a lot more. I also added in a lot of material to the stuff I wrote up on Thursday and didn't keep track of the amount of words I added to that section so the numbers I have for total word count are for both days, combined.
This past week's totals:
5,242 words as of 1 a.m. Saturday morning!!
That means I had added over 4500 words on Friday alone!
I am also finished Chapter 3, I THINK, and am ready to start Chapter 4, which will probably happen later this week. Right now I am wanting to get things in the main manuscript file tied together with the part I had prematurely spliced in several months ago, then I will continue on with that until I can splice in the MMLTG file, which is also being worked on at this time and has a few major events into it. 
I have also decided that the "base" of what was originally Chapter 2 is scrapped but I will be using parts of it here and there for Chapter 4 and 5, which shows the leading characters' reactions to their developing feelings for one another. I've been going through the file containing those parts (which were removed from the main manuscript file and saved in another document) and "red lining" (highlighting in red) the parts I will NOT be using. Anything not highlighted in red will be used at some point. Needless to say there is a LOT of red highlighting in that particular document!
My eyes were very crossed by the time Son came home from school but I was determined to get things finished, so I stayed up VERY late editing, adding a few things and wrapping up the chapter while talking with my friends online and keeping an eye on Sanctuary. I am VERY grateful for the "blue background, white font" option in Word because it really helped cut back on the eye strain after being on the computer for almost 20 hours straight! 
This week, I will be visiting a couple of local towns for researching and getting pictures... I want to describe things in detail and have all of my facts correct so I don't get lynched by the locals when I finally do get this book published!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend... And I hope y'all have a wonderful week! Blessings!

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