Monday, February 6, 2012

An Unexpected Gift....

Today, I had an unexpected gift land in my lap, thanks to my loving and wonderful husband...
We've been busy with a lot of things lately when he's home from work... Housework, taking care of our son and playing with him, taking care of the pets, running errands, and other general real life stuff that doesn't allow me time to write when he's home.
Today was different. He feels bad that I don't have a lot of time to write these days, especially with him working only part time right now, so he suggested I take the day off from things, put the ear plugs in and plug away in Word for a couple of hours. He promised not to disturb me unless the house was on fire or our son's school called... And he even turned the TV down to ultra low so I could not hear it even with the earplugs in.
It took me a little bit to get into "writing mode" but I managed to do it and I found myself continuing on from where I had left off on Friday afternoon. 
Three hours of uninterrupted, quality writing time, two cups of green tea and a cup of decaf coffee later, I managed to get 1419 words worth of new material added to Untitled #7!! This is more of "building on the foundation" like I was doing on Friday... It's all plain vanilla stuff that shows how the main characters are starting to get to know each other and how the strong the connection between them is even early on. There is a lot of dialogue in this part again, which made me smoke like crazy and swear under my breath a lot (yes that blue cloud hanging over my part of the province was caused by me! LOL) plus bang my head against the proverbial wall countless times, but I managed to keep things moving a little more and start building up to where things start heating up between the main characters. 
I don't know if I'll begin a new chapter just before where I left off today or not... I have to reread things again/edit (GAG!) and make sure it's all fitting in the way I want it to before deciding where chapter breaks go in this section. I do know certain things will be in later chapters in the first part of the story, due to the fact I don't want things moving TOO quickly for the characters.
I'm pleased that I managed to get that much done today... And I am extremely grateful to my husband for giving me the unexpected gift of some writing time. Guess he thought I've been chomping at my monitor and keyboard long enough and took pity on me!! LOL
Have a wonderful Monday and may your week be fun and happy everyone!

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