Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rewrites and Continuing On...

Hello everyone, sorry I didn't update y'all about the writing until now but between real life things happening and things being busy online the last couple of days, it slipped my mind until now.
Friday was productive writing wise... I had decided to rewrite a "build up" scene to something in the MMG file but couldn't quite get into it so I went into the Main Manuscript file and started writing up Chapter 4, which went pretty good despite hitting a few "snags" and the fact that the cats decided to go BONKERS on me at every opportunity.
The bulk of the writing was a confrontational scene between the leading man and his boss... The reader will have an idea that there is more to it than meets the eye at first and their suspicions will be confirmed at some point during the scene. It is *very* rough but it's looking good so far!
Word count for that particular area so far: 2991, which isn't bad considering how many times I was distracted by a goofy cat or had to move one of them because they had decided that sitting on top of the monitor and swishing their tails across the screen was more important than allowing me to write anything! *rolling eyes!* I did do some editing, etc on that scene too after the guys crashed but not a lot. I'll be doing more on it when I get a chance to this coming week while Hubby's working and Son is in school.
Have a wonderful week everyone!

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