Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kicking the Caffeinated Soda Habit - UPDATE!

Yesterday was another milestone in my life... A good one but it took a long road for me to get where I am now.
Two years ago, I was finding I was having problems sleeping, my tachycardia and blood pressure were WAY out of whack and I was gaining weight like crazy... I started looking at every aspect of my lifestyle and realized that I was guzzling WAAAAAAAAAAY too much soda, notably caffeinated cola... I was addicted to the stuff and HAD to have it else I'd get the shakes and get snarky with everyone. I drank it pretty much from right after I had my morning coffee until midnight each day. I was drinking way too much of it.
I'm talking over one US GALLON of it a day, folks. That's 2 x 2L bottles of the stuff in ONE DAY on my own. There is over 8 tablespoons of sugar in ONE glass... Think about how many tablespoons of sugar I was guzzling in one day just by drinking that much regular soda! No wonder why I was gaining weight!
So I talked things over with my doctor and he said to cut back slowly, like cut out two or three large glasses of the stuff out per day a week until I was down to one small glass per day. He said that much wouldn't hurt me but I was scared that even having only one small glass of it would lead me back to being addicted to it again... 
So I decided to go cold turkey on the caffeinated soda. Hubby and I looked around for regular soda that didn't have caffeine in it to help me out but the only thing cola wise that we could find without caffeine in it was the decaffeinated DIET variety... So after thinking about it, I got a bottle of it to help fool the brain and taste buds into thinking I was drinking regular soda and started down the long road to breaking the habit.
At first it was horrible... I had the shakes, I was nauseated, I was snarking at everyone and I just was NOT feeling great at all. I was drinking the decaf diet stuff constantly but at first it didn't help me at all. I considered just giving up and going back to the addiction...
But I had so many people rooting for me... The instant I said I didn't think I could do it, I had people cheering me on... So many people from so many places telling me that I CAN do it, both in real life and on various boards/sites. 
It is thanks to EVERYONE's support that I managed to get through those first few VERY long weeks of breaking the addiction... Even though I no longer talk to some people who had cheered me on, I am very grateful for their help, as I'm very grateful for those whom I still talk to! If it wasn't for all of you who cheered me on or kicked me in the rear when I felt like I couldn't do it, I probably wouldn't have been able to kick the caffeinated soda habit... Seriously! In cases like this, the more support one gets, the better the chances they will succeed and I am thanking each and every single one of you who supported me... My family, my local friends, my online buddies (from places like MW, ESF, Sanctuary, PBF, Facebook, etc)... I can't thank y'all enough for being there and supporting me when I needed y'all the most! 
Two years later, I'm more healthy... I've probably reduced my sugar intake by 800%, my caffeine has reduced by over 1000% (I've also switched to half caff coffee so I don't guzzle caffeine that way!) and I've lost weight by giving up regular soda alone! I'm sleeping better at night, the frequency of my headaches has gone WAAAAAAAAAY down because I'm getting the sleep I need each night, my tachycardia and blood pressure have evened out and I'm feeling SO much better about myself! Yes, I do still drink soda but it's the decaf-diet stuff. Regular soda tastes TOO sweet and sickening to me these days... Diet (decaf) soda is more to my tastebud's liking believe it or not!
I can't believe I've done it... I never thought I could do this but I have... And if I can kick the regular cola habit, anything is possible! 
Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone... I'll post another blog if I can get any new material added to Untitled #7 later today!

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