Friday, February 10, 2012

Cats, Tea, Coffee, WRITING...

Today was another productive day in the writing department. Hubby was working, Son was in school and I took advantage of having the house to myself for seven full hours!
Today I continued on from where I had left off on Monday... Main Manuscript file, Chapter 2, last half of the chapter. I had started a scene on Monday that had gotten me stuck and I wasn't sure how to proceed when I finally packed it in that day. 
Today, I reread the beginning of the scene and after struggling with it, I managed to continue on and finish it, wrap up the chapter and move on to the start of Chapter 3, where the heroine divulges a secret to the reader and is unsure if she should let the hero know about it or keep it to herself. Unfortunately by the time I reached the conversation that reveals the secret to the reader, it was time to get Son from the bus stop and I knew the peace, quiet and time to write was at an end for the day. I did keep Word open though, to finish the outline for the scene and to jot down any ideas that I had floating around. 
So five hours, two teas, three coffees, countless swear words (yes, that blue cloud hanging over southwest NS was caused by me!), six pages and many bumps on the head from banging it against the wall, I managed to get 2421 words and 6 pages worth of new material added to the Main Manuscript of UT #7. There is a LOT of dialogue in this section, and I'm glad I got it all in even if it's not up to my high standards... YET. It's getting easier to write but it is STILL my Achilles heel, darn it!
So that brings this week's total word count of new material to 3,840 words. I was hoping for another 5,000 word week but I'm pleased with the almost 4000 word one!! I can't believe the amount of dialogue in Chapter 2 though, I swear over 70% of it is just the two main characters talking and trying to get to know each other despite opposition from various corners. 
Now I'm at the part of the story where things start to move even more, it's when the characters start realizing they're falling for each other. This is where things can get tricky... I don't want them falling to quickly yet I don't want to drag it out for more than a couple of chapters, I must find the right balance to make it happen at the right time without rushing things.
I'm still a little ways from where I can finally connect things with the first kiss scene, which is already written up and spiced into the main manuscript after rushing through Chapter 2's first draft a few months ago, but I'm getting there. After I get that all connected, I'll be able to continue on from where their relationship actually starts to where the MMLTG file can be spliced in and eventually the AST (teaser) scene after that... IF I haven't spliced that into the end of the MMLTG file beforehand that is! LOL
It's been another great week in my writing world... I hope to have yet another one next week, even if it's only a 2000 word week!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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