Friday, February 3, 2012

Building on the Foundation....

To be blunt, HOLY SMOKES...
Today I was going to get work done on Untitled #7 even if it killed me. For a while, I wasn't sure if I was going to have the house to myself for the full day or not but somehow, some way, the universe decided to give me a break and allowed me to have a full seven hours home alone...
The expansion/building upon the foundation of Chapter 2 has been nagging me for ages but until recently, I had no idea on how to expand upon it. 
I went looking through various files and came across a part that I had originally used as a "build up scene" to the first kiss between the main characters, but I 86'ed it because it didn't feel "right" for the build up scene and I wrote something else that is more fitting instead. The now 86'ed scene gave me an idea on how to create "chance meetings" between the characters, how they start to get to know each other and become friends before they become so much more. 
I started writing up outlines for various "meet ups" and slowly things started gelling. I went offline and started typing away.
After two cups of green tea, three cups of coffee, countless swear words flying from my lips, countless cigarettes smoked and over five hours worth of burying my brain in #7, I came out of the writing fog and stopped to take a look at what I had written.
It covers 7 pages in Word, there is a lot of dialogue, a lot of descriptions and 2,936 words worth of NEW material added to Chapter 2!! At this point, C2 is 3,019 words long and it's going to get a little longer... I still have to finish the scene I was working on when Son's bus arrived and I'll probably toss in a few more "getting to know you" scenes and other stuff that shows how hard the main characters are falling for each other, etc, before I move on to C3 and otherwise. I don't want the chapters to be TOO long but not too short either, I have to find the right balance without cutting things off abruptly or rambling in each chapter.
My brain is mushy but I'm very pleased with what I managed to do today... It was what I've been trying to do for months, ever since I wrote the "base/foundation" for that chapter. Now that I know which way I'm going to go with things, I'm going to continue chugging along and see what other good ideas I can come up with in the meantime.
If anyone wants the link to my PG Writings and Grumblings thread in Sanctuary, let me know via here or Facebook and I'll send you the link via private messaging.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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