Thursday, February 2, 2012

Better Than Nothing...

Well, yesterday wasn't my most productive writing day but I did get a little work done on Untitled #7...
I started out by editing some of the documents for that particular manuscript.... I reread the MMLTG file and discovered that I had started going into a different direction than I had originally planned... Sometimes this is okay, like in the MMG file, but in this case, it was NOT working. So I have removed the part that wasn't going to work, and it is now saved in a file specifically set up to keep the parts/paragraphs I've removed for future reference... I like to do that for my own records, that way I can see how the story evolved and all of the "wrong ways" I went after it's done.
I wanted to continue on from the part that was left but that wasn't gelling so I edited/reread other parts of the manuscript... Seeing all of those red (misspellings) and green (grammatical mistakes) drove me nuts so I also did a spell/grammar check on all documents that I had opened yesterday.
I finally settled down enough to actually write... Although it wasn't my best day yet, I did manage to get 538 words worth of new material added to the Main Manuscript file of that story. I would have done more but by the time I had gotten really into things, it was time to head to the bus stop. *SIGHS* At least I did manage to get new stuff added and continue on from where I had left off in that document!
No, I still haven't added anything to the "base" of Chapters 2 and 3 that I had started a while ago, that is still on the "to do list" but there is no rush for it right now, I don't have half of the story written up yet, so I'll tackle that when things "gel" in my mind for it... Whenever that will be!
Hubby works tomorrow daytime and it's looking like there WILL be school for a change so I'm planning on taking the entire day to see if I can get a LOT of new stuff added to that story... Hopefully I'll have a very productive day tomorrow!
Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!

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