Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You Can Keep My Sanity, But I Want My Brain Back Please...

It's been one of those days when I want to bash my head against the wall...
First of all, it was way too cold and too icy to get my walk in this morning. That didn't bother me very much, considering how I had my walk yesterday PLUS walked all over several of the stores in town running errands yesterday morning. It's still cold out and there is still ice on the road and the side of the road, which means it's unsafe for me to go today.
It's the second thing that drove me nuts more than anything... 
Hubby worked day shift and Son was at school, so I had planned to work on Untitled #7 today. I logged online at my usual time, got caught up and signed out a little after 9 AST, and opened some of the files for that particular story.
Well, the brain refused to work at all. I would reread something I wrote a few weeks or months ago, try to expand upon it and would hit a brick wall. Each time I tried adding a new sentence or even think about it, nothing felt right. I did manage to get a couple of paragraphs added into the MMG file of that manuscript but I wasn't feeling the groove for that particular part today. I opened the file I started last week, couldn't budge on it and got really frustrated.
Finally I gave up for a while. I puttered around the house, doing housework, I played Rocket Bowl on the computer, managed to brush some of Noelle's fur and tried to get into what I call "book brain mode".
After a couple of hours of this, and getting lunch, I determinedly opened the file I started last week (code name of MMLTG) and reread it again. After fighting with getting the right way to continue the story where I left off, I finally found it and began writing.
Two and a half hours later, I had over 1,000 words worth of new material added. I know, not my best day for writing, but it IS better than nothing! It's over 3 pages worth but there is a lot of conversation in what I wrote today and that takes up a lot more page space with the paragraphs than just describing something. 
I would have continued on after reaching what will probably be the beginning of a new chapter, but by the time I got to that point, it was close to the time I would have to go to the bus stop... Plus I would have wanted to continue writing after Son was home and as we all know, that generally doesn't work very well! LOL
I'm not pleased that I didn't get more written today but I am happy I did get a *little* written up into it. Each word I write means I'm one word closer to finishing the darn thing after all! I'm hoping to get more written later this week, my husband has one more dayshift that coincides with Son being in school during the daytime. I'll update y'all if I get any work done on that day!
Have a great Wednesday everyone!

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