Friday, January 20, 2012


It's been an ULTRA productive week for me, writing wise! Today Hubby was working day shift and since Son was in school, I once again took advantage of the peace and quiet to write!
I want to get the MMLTG file done so I can splice in the part that I wrote up on Monday... I'm still not there yet but I am slowly closing in on where the splice will happen! The MMLTG file is going to be a big part of the early stages of the leading couple's relationship so it's going to cover about 2-3 chapters at the least!
Today's total is 2069 words, which brings this week's total of new material added to Untitled #7... Drum roll, please....
5, 862 words this week alone!! *HAPPY DANCE!*
I haven't had a week quite that productive in a VERY long time and I am so darn pleased with myself, I could just run around Sanctuary like an idiot!! *laughs* I won't but you have to admit that I did give y'all quite a funny mental picture...*GRINS*
I still can't believe I did that amount between housework, taking care of my son and the cats (read: getting ran over by an insane puddy-tat once in a while!), writer's block, helping out in Sanctuary, letting my son have the computer by times and anything else life threw at me this week! I'm so happy!
Hopefully I'll be able to work on Untitled #7 sometime next week... IF I can get a day or two of being alone in the house for a few hours and with no interruptions... (Dratted furballs!)
Have a wonderful Friday and a wonderful weekend everyone! I'll update y'all the next time I get more new material added, even if it's something I can't talk about here... You know, the "naughtier" side of writing a romance novel.
Which reminds me, I should go over to my adult writing blog and update that one... I haven't updated it in ages... Not that many people know where it is though! LOL

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