Monday, January 2, 2012

Thank You Dear Friend! :)

If the rest of the year is as great as today was, 2012 is going to be the best year ever!
A woman I went to school with is now a published author and I happened to run into her while running a few errands today. I was very happy to see her because we don't get a chance to talk a lot in person (we do a lot of our correspondence via Facebook) and we hardly ever get a chance to really talk about anything. We caught up with each other a little bit then talk turned to our mutual love of writing.
From what I understand from her, my writing is not too "graphic" for epublishing with her epublishing house! I guess some of the stuff they've published in the past is more graphic than I would write! So if I decide to go with the epublishing route, I will definitely be sending my work to her publisher first! Funny thing is, I was keeping her publisher under consideration to send my own work to when the time comes... Amazing how things work out like that, isn't it? *SMILING*
This information was a REAL pick me up... As I had stated on a previous blog, I wasn't sure if my work was able to be epublished due to the ultra graphic scenes in spots but apparently what I write is "plain vanilla" to some work by other authors so my work will be fine for this particular publisher to at least consider!
So I'm now thinking of more ideas for ALL of my stories... RH, Untitled #7 and Untitled #6... I may put more graphics into some of the scenes or not but I DO know that what I do have written up for those "adult" scenes is OKAY and not over the top!
I'm still leaving that one scene out that I had 86'ed in Untitled #6 though.. Like I said to my friend and my mentor, pushing the envelope is one thing, but in that scene I had originally written up had pushed it over the edge, blew it up and burned it to ashes! *giggles*
I still haven't gotten around to installing the printer software onto my Pentium so I can print off the full copy of RH's first draft from Professional Write for its rewrite... Unfortunately, Professional Write is NOT compatible with Word, which is the word processor I use, so it's a case of printing it off and retyping it all up in "Version 2.0" in Word on my big computer. I can feel the carpal tunnel syndrome acting up NOW and I haven't really gotten into the rewrite a lot yet! YIKES! *THUD!!!*
Wednesday is my writing day this week... Hopefully I'll get SOME work done on one of my stories, preferably Untitled #7 or RH... Either one would be great as long as I get SOMETHING done and new material added somewhere! LOL
Thank you dearest LS... Your information, knowledge and experiences have really given this aspiring author a real boost! Blessings and love! :)
Have a wonderful week everyone and Happy New Year!

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