Friday, January 27, 2012

Success -- AGAIN!!

Yesterday was a little productive in the writing department... Son was in school and after Hubby left to run a few errands, I dived into the MMLTG file to see if I could add any more to it. Unfortunately that file was NOT clicking at all so I kept trying to get in synch with something so I could get a little more done on that story this week.
Well, the rewrite of the FLS file was starting to nag me... A LOT. So I opened it and started trying to think of how I could do the rewrite on it. Between acting goofy in Sanctuary with P, T and the rest of our awesome regular members, tripping over silly cats, and my own need to guzzle COFFEE, things started flowing...
The next thing I knew it was almost 2 hours later and the rewrite was DONE. I did some quick editing on it and it was a LOT better than the original had been. I do have the original draft of it saved in a special document/file on the computer for future reference and just in case I want to use it as a base for another scene similar to it.
Last night after my son and husband went to bed, I opened the file again to do a quick reread/edit while acting goofy with the crew in Sanctuary. (LOTS of laughs last night!) One of my best friends in there had a couple of suggestions for me for that particular scene and her suggestions were wonderful! (Thanks T!) I had to think of where they would work best and the right wording for it but when I did, it made the scene even better, which pleased me to no end! *HAPPY DANCE!!!*
The new version of the scene is a little longer than the original... But it has a LOT more detail and isn't so "rushed" like the original version had been.
Today, I am unable to work on the "naughtier" stuff due to school being canceled but that's okay... I can still work on the "child friendly" stuff my mother can read without wanting to shoot me! I'll probably be editing the MMLTG and Main Manuscript files today, both are "clean" and editing doesn't require quite as much concentration that actual writing does.. Or that's the way I work at least. ;)
I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend, thank the stars it is FRIDAY!! :)

*****On another note:

I don't go around telling tales... It's not my place to. When someone tells me something in confidence, it shows me that I have their trust and I will  NOT  break said trust!!! My code of honor prevents me from telling others without the original person's permission to do so. In other words, when I'm asked to be quiet about things, I STAY quiet about it!

People who go around spreading tales and trying to pry others for information on stuff that is NOT their business have NO code of honor and are lower than whale S##T in my mind.

Just saying...


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